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September 7, 2016 Materials Release

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The Library has posted four documents from the approximately 2,000 pages processed for the textual materials release on September 7, 2016. Among them are documents related to Vietnam, Chile, and the Middle East.

The digitized documents are from file segments for the National Security Council Files and National Security Council Institutional Files.

  • A selection of these documents are available online as Adobe Acrobat PDFpdf files.

  • Please visit the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California, to research all of the documents.

The following abbreviations are used below to identify original collections of the scanned documents:

  • NSC:   National Security Council

Mandatory Review Documents


  1. Memo, Kissinger to the President, Subj: Conversation with South Vietnamese Ambassador Bui Diem, January 24, 1969; folder [1] President's Daily Briefs, January 1-27, 1969; box 1; NSC Files, Presidents Daily Briefings


  1. Memo, William Rogers to the President, Subj: Evening Report, January 23, 1969; folder [1] President's Daily Briefs, January 1-27, 1969; box 1; NSC Files, Presidents Daily Briefings


  1. Paper, Subj: DCI Briefing for 14 Sep WSAG Meeting, September 14, 1973; folder [6] WSAG Meeting Chile 9-14-73; box H-94; NSC Institutional Files, Meeting Files

Middle East

  1. National Security Council Meeting Minutes, Subj: Middle East, September 11, 1969; folder [4] NSC Minutes Originals 1969 [4 of 5]; box H-109; NSC Institutional Files, Minutes of Meetings

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