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President Nixon at desk Memoirs v. Tapes: President Nixon & The December Bombings
"Memoirs v Tapes: President Nixon and the December Bombing" is a multimedia presentation of previously-released tapes, documents, photos, and videos relevant to understanding the decision-making surrounding the December 1972 bombing of North Vietnam and the successful conclusion of the Paris Peace negotiations.

2010 Watergate Exhibit(discription needed)

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Ollie Atkins in front of the National Archives Building Ollie Atkins Slideshow
This slideshow features select images from the Donated Materials of Ollie Atkins.
Nixon Head of State Gifts Nixon Head of State Gifts
Head of State gifts, presented by foreign dignataries, are given as a symbol of diplomacy and friendship and reflect the ancient history, traditional crafts, and contemporary economic product's of the donor's country. This exhibit features some of the approximately 10,000 Head of State gifts that President Nixon received during his presidency.
When Nixon Met Elvis When Nixon Met Elvis
The behind-the-scenes story of the famous 1970 meeting as told through original letters, memorandums, and photographs.
The Watergate Files The Watergate Files
The Watergate exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Museum immerses the visitor in one of the most critical constitutional crises in the nation's history.
Online Exhibits


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