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President Richard Nixon with Redskins Football Team and Coach George Allen,
November 23, 1971
Image: WHPO 7847-09A

Formal Nixon Family Portrait with Julie and David Eisenhower; President Richard Nixon, First Lady Pat Nixon, Tricia and Edward Cox,
December 24, 1971
Image: WHPO 8184-02


President Richard Nixon and Premier Chou En-Lai Shake Hands at the Nixons' Arrival in Peking, China, February 21, 1972
Image: WHPO 8498-02A


President Richard Nixon Looks at the View from the Great Wall of China, February 24, 1972
Image: WHPO 8548-12A


President Richard Nixon and Premier Chou En-Lai Greet a Young Girl at Hang Chou (Hangzhou) West Lake Park in China, February 26, 1972
Image: WHPO 8604-10

President Richard Nixon with the China Trip American Press Corps including Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, Dan Rather, Harry Reasoner, Willliam F. Buckley, and Others at the West Lake Guest House, February 26, 1972
Image: WHPO 8635-16A


President Richard Nixon and Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau at the Parliament Building in Ottawa, April 14, 1972
Image: WHPO-8886-13


President Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev of the USSR Sign the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty and Interim Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT) Agreement in the St. Vladimir Hall, Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow, May 26, 1972
Image: WHPO 9204-31



Formal Autographed Portrait of President Richard Nixon, June 1, 1972
Image: WHPO 9241


President Richard Nixon on the Telephone at the Oval Office Desk, June 23, 1972
Image: WHPO 9461-17



President Ricard Nixon at the Western White House "La Casa Pacifica" in San Clemente, California,
July 9, 1972
Image: WHPO 9551-30A


President Richard Nixon with Singer Johnny Cash in the Oval Office, July 26, 1972
Image: WHPO 9650-26



President Richard Nixon with Irish Setter King Timahoe at Camp David, August 18, 1972
Image: WHPO 9834-33


President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew at the 1972 Republican National Convention, August 23, 1972
Image: WHPO D0147-30A



President Richard Nixon and Singer Ray Charles Meeting in the Oval Office, September 15, 1972
Image: WHPO D0380-16


The Nixon Family Seated in the President's Dining Room at the White House on Election Night, November 7, 1972 
Image: WHPO D0967-06A



Secretary of State William Rogers Signing the Ceasefire and Peace Agreement Ending U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War, January 27, 1973
Image: WHPO E0119-08A

President Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon with Actress Debbie Reynolds and Daughter Carrie Fisher, February 10, 1974
Image: WHPO E0342-13


President Richard Nixon Accepts a Gift from Actor/Singer Sammy Davis, Jr. in the Yellow Oval Room, March 4, 1973
Image: WHPO E0376-03A

President Richard Nixon Greets Former Vietnam Prisoner of War John McCain, Jr. at a Pre-POW Dinner Reception, May 24, 1973
Image: WHPO E0840-14



During the Vietnam POW Dinner at the White House, President Richard Nixon Sings "God Bless America" with Composer Irving Berlin and Phyllis Diller, Joy Weber, Joey Heatherton, Sammy Davis Jr., Pat Nixon, and Bob Hope, May 24, 1973
Image: WHPO E0850-07

President Richard Nixon with the Shah of Iran in the Oval Office July 24, 1973
Image: WHPO E1240-11A



President Richard Nixon Meeting with Vice President-Designate Congressman Gerald Ford, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and Chief of Staff Alexander Haig, Jr., in the Oval Office, October 13, 1973
Image: WHPO E1637-21


President Nixon, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the Oval Office, November 1, 1973
Image: WHPO E1729-02A


President Nixon Greets Potters from Various New Mexico Pueblos in the State Dining Room, January 31, 1974
Image: WHPO E2155-20A

President Richard Nixon Playing the Piano for Singer Pearl Bailey and the Louis Belllson Band in the East Room following a Dinner in Honor of State Governors, March 7, 1974
Image: WHPO E2344-11


President Richard Nixon near Stacks of White House Tapes Transcripts Recording a National Radio/Television Announcement, April 22, 1974
Image: WHPO E2678-14

President Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon, Egypt's President Anwar Sadat, and Mrs. Jehan Sadat at the Giza Necropolis Pyramids, June 14, 1974
Image: WHPO E2945-15


President Richard Nixon Saying Farewell to White House Staff Gathered in the East Room,
August 9, 1974
Image: WHPO E3383-09


President Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon, Vice President Gerald Ford, and Betty Ford Walking from the White House to the President's Helicopter, Army One, during President Nixon's Final Departure as President, August 9, 1974
Image: E3386-21


View of President Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon, Vice President Gerald Ford, and Betty Ford from inside the Presidential Helicopter, Marine/Army One, August 9, 1974
Image: WHPO E3398-09

President Richard Nixon Departing the White House on the Presidential Helicopter, Marine/Army One, for the Last Time as President, August 9, 1974
Image: WHPO E3386-35


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