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  • All images in this gallery are work products of the U.S. Federal Government. For more information please see our Rights and Reproductions Statements.

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    1969 Inauguration: President Richard Nixon Takes the Oath of Office, January 20, 1969
    Image: WHPO EK-002-0181

    1969 Inauguration: President Lyndon Johnson and Newly Sworn-In President Richard Nixon Shaking Hands, January 20, 1969
    Image: WHPO 0008-10


    President Richard Nixon, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Tour the Marble Hall in Buckingham Palace, February 1969
    Image: WHPO 0361-06

    President Richard Nixon's Arrival Ceremony in France at Orly Airport with French President Charles DeGaulle, February 28, 1969
    Image: WHPO 0412-04A



    Former President Harry Truman, Bess Truman and Pat Nixon Listen to President Nixon Play the Piano at the Truman Library, March 21, 1969
    Image: WHPO 0563-19

    President Richard Nixon Meets Congressman Edward 'Ted" Kennedy at a League of Women Voters Reception, April 17, 1969
    Image: WHPO 0813-26A


    President Richard Nixon Announcing the Nomination of Warren E. Burger as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, May 21, 1969
    Image: WHPO 1117-04A

    President Richard Nixon and South Vietnam's President Nguyen Van Thieu Making a Joint Statement at Midway Island, June 8, 1969
    Image: WHPO 1269-20


    President Richard Nixon with U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division Troops during Visit to Dian, South Vietnam, July 30, 1969
    Image: WHPO 1631-03

    President Richard Nixon Greets a U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division Soldier on the Magical Mystery Tour Tank during Visit to Dian, South Vietnam,
    July 30, 1969
    Image: WHPO 1631-12


    President Richard Nixon Meeting with India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at Rashtrapati Palace in New Dehli, July 31, 1969
    Image: WHPO 1689-08

    President Richard Nixon Stands at Attention with Medal of Honor Recipients Sgt. Robert Patterson, Capt. James Sprayberry, Capt. Jack Jacobs, and Maj. Patrick Brady,
    October 6, 1969
    Image: WHPO 2116-07A


    President Richard Nixon Using the White House Bowling Alley, April 14, 1970
    Image: WHPO 3124-02

    President Richard Nixon Stands with Apollo 13 Astronauts Lovell, Haise and Swigert during their Medal of Freedom Award Ceremony, April 19, 1970
    Image: WHPO 3386-30



    President Richard Nixon Points to a Map of Cambodia during a Vietnam War Press Conference on North Vietnamese Army Territory, April 30, 1970
    Image: WHPO 3448-21A


    President Richard Nixon Meeting with Leaders of the Taos Pueblo American Indian Tribal Council,
    July 8, 1970
    Image: WHPO 3841-07



    President Richard Nixon and Prince Charles in the Oval Office, July 18, 1970
    Image: WHPO 3945-03A


    Formal portrait of First Lady Pat Nixon Wearing Her 1969 Inaugural Gown Designed by Harvey Berin 
    Image: WHPO 4179-04


    Formal portrait of President Richard Nixon While Seated at the Oval Office Desk,
    September 25, 1970
    Image: 4538-01

    President Richard Nixon and Pope Paul VI in the Vatican's Audience Hall, September 28, 1970
    Image: WHPO 4564-29


    British Prime Minister Edward Heath, Queen Elizabeth II, President Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon at Chequers, Buckinghamshire, England,
    October 3, 1970
    Image: WHPO 4655-27A


    President Richard Nixon Smiles at a New Mexico Candidates Campaign Rally in Albuquerque, October 31, 1970
    Image: WHPO 4973-10


    The Nixon Family Dogs Look Out an Open White House Window. L-R:  Pasha (Yorkshire Terrier), Vicki (Poodle) and King Timahoe (Irish Setter), December 1, 1970
    Image: WHPO 5176-14

    President Richard Nixon Signing H.R. 471 Blue Lake Bill Taos-Pueblo American Indian Land Deed. Governor Quirino Romero, Cacique Juan de Jesus Romero and Paul Bernal Witnessing,
    December 15, 1970
    Image: WHPO 5295-23


    President Richard Nixon Shaking Hands with Elvis Presley during Their Meeting in the Oval Office, December 21, 1970
    Image: WHPO 5364-18


    First Lady Pat Nixon Receives a Christmas Gift Feather from Sesame Street's Big Bird,
    December 22, 1970
    Image: WHPO 5385-12A


    President Richard Nixon's Interview with John Chancellor, Nancy Dickerson, Howard K. Smith and Eric Sevareid for "A Conversation with the President", January 4, 1971
    Image: WHPO 5428-19A


    President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon Walking on the Beach in San Clemente, California, January 13, 1971
    Image: WHPO 5488-12


    President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger Stand at an Oval Office Window, February 10, 1971
    Image: 5630-20


    Presidential Helicopter 'Marine/Army One' Flying near the San Clemente Shoreline, California,
    March 31, 1971
    Image: WHPO 5958-18


    President Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon with World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Frazier and Family, April 19, 1971
    Image: WHPO 6069-08A


    President Richard Nixon and Michael Newton, Better Hearing and Speech Month Poster Child, in the Oval Office with Pasha, the Nixons' Yorkshire Terrier, April 23, 1971
    Image: WHPO 6133-24


    President Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Stand at White House First (State) Floor Balcony after Faisal's Arrival Ceremony,
    May 27, 1971
    Image: WHPO 6398-03A


    Tricia Nixon Cox and Edward Cox Walk Together following Their White House Wedding Ceremony, June 12, 1971
    Image: WHPO 6569-30A


    President Richard Nixon Escorts First Lady Pat Nixon to the White House Rose Garden for Daughter Tricia's White House Wedding Ceremony, June 12, 1971
    Image: WHPO 6569-35

    White House Rose Garden Wedding Ceremony of Tricia Nixon Cox and Edward Cox, June 12, 1971
    Image: WHPO-6570-18A



    President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office with Reverend Billy Graham, August 10, 1971
    Image: WHPO 6995-03

    President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office Speaking with Actress Ginger Rogers, September 17, 1971
    Image: WHPO 7288-17A


    "The President's Own" Marine Band Military Herald Trumpeters in the Grand Hallway before the State Dinner for Romanian President Tito,
    October 28, 1971
    Image: WHPO 7675-01A


    President Richard Nixon and India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during a White House Arrival Ceremony, November 4, 1971
    Image: WHPO 7724-19



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