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This collection consists of seven handwritten diaries, 36 dictated diaries recorded as sound recordings, and two handwritten audio cassette tape subject logs. The diaries and logs reflect H. R. Haldeman's candid personal record and reflections on events, issues, and people encountered during his service in the Nixon White House. As administrative assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, Haldeman attended and participated in public events and private meetings covering the entire scope of issues in which the Nixon White House engaged in during the year 1969–1973.

This collection is divided into two series: Handwritten and Audio Diaries. The handwritten series dates from January 18, 1969, to December 2, 1970. On November 30, 1970, Haldeman transferred to keeping his diary via audio recordings.


  • NARA Identifier: 7787364 (Collection)
  • NARA Identifier: 12005659 (Handwritten Series)
  • NARA Identifier: 12005657 (Audio Series)

Collection Finding Aid

H.R. Haldeman Diaries Collection

Online Public Access

Online versions of handwritten entries, audio and accompanying transcripts are available.

November 2014: Online Release of Declassified Segments

Extent: One hundred ninety–three (193) audio daily diary entries accompanied with transcripts.

Scope and Content Note: Newly declassified topics covered include the Pentagon Papers, Vietnam negotiations, SALT negotiations, India–Pakistan, Israel, US–Soviet relations, and US–China relations.

Within these 193 diary entries, archivists were also able to re–review eight previously withheld privacy withdrawals. Seven of these withdrawals have been released.

Copies of the audio for each day with a national security return and accompanying transcript for those days are available at the links above with available days highlighted in green.

Note on the Audio: The audio daily diary entries included in this online release of materials represent a small portion of the entire Haldeman Diaries Collection. Contained within the 193 diary entries released hereunder are 296 national security sensitive segments reviewed by the NDC at the National Archives and eight privacy segments reviewed by the Nixon Library. Of the 296 segments reviewed by the NDC in keeping with systematic declassification provisions of Executive Order 13526, 285 have been released in full and 11 remain exempt from declassification. Of the previously withheld privacy withdrawals, seven have been released in full.

These audio diary entries have been remastered from original audio cassette tapes or second-generation reel-to-reel audio tapes and have been rendered in the form of MP3 and WAV digital audio files. Exempted audio segments are noted by a consistent audio tone covering the length of the redacted portion, while all declassified and newly opened privacy audio content has been reinserted in original order. Due to the nature of WAV files, the Nixon Library is unable to embed metadata at this time. Basic information can be found in the file name and accompanying MP3 file.

Note on the Transcripts: Transcripts of these recordings have been edited in rich text format and have been rendered as PDF documents. All materials returned from systematic declassification review are marked within the transcripts either as declassified or exempt in full. Segments marked declassified have been transcribed in full. Segments marked as exempt from declassification include a brief description of the redacted transcript and an exemption category cited from EO 13526. Re–reviewed privacy material has likewise been transcribed if opened, or transcripts have been annotated for continued closure.

Even though transcripts may be prepared with great care and substantial effort, many points of ambiguity are inevitable, and erroneous or different interpretations from transcripts are always possible. The Nixon Library and the National Archives considers existing transcripts to be an interpretation of the record rather than the record itself. The Library considers the actual audio to be the record, and strongly urges users to listen to the audio entries.

Finding Aids: A Portable Document Format [PDF] Index for searching across the transcripts is available as a download. Click the "H. R. Haldeman Diaries Index.pdx" file inside the file folder.

Research Room Public Access

  • All remaining audio as audiocassettes.
  • Printed transcripts of the remainder of both series.
  • Photocopies of available handwritten textual entries.
  • The complete CD–ROM version of transcripts from 1994 which are searchable.

NOTE: The Library will make efforts to provide online or electronic access to all entries over time.

Preferred Citation

Diary Entry: [Date], H. R. Haldeman Diaries Collection. Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, Yorba Linda, CA.

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