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Nixon and Elvis

On December 21, 1970, the White House hosted a meeting that became one of the most historic intersections of pop culture and politics in the twentieth century. This meeting brought together two of the most iconic personalities of their time, resulting in a photograph that is now one of the most requested items in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum has compiled various resources regarding this event.
- In the archival holdings of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is the letter written by Elvis for President Nixon and the black and white photographs of Elvis Presley meeting President Nixon, taken by White House Chief Photographer Oliver F. Atkins. High resolutions scans of all 28 images are available for download.

- In 2007, the original Elvis outfit during the White House visit was loaned by Graceland to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Paired with the suit President Nixon wore on that amazing day in 1970, along with the famous letter Elvis wrote to the President, and the gun Elvis brought as a gift, the then new Nixon Library was able to recreate this historic visit for museum visitors.
- The National Archives and Records Administration produced an online exhibit based on archival materials within the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum collections. Using photographs and documents, the events of this day are available for any interested researcher.
- In February of 2007, Jerry Schilling, friend and confidant of Elvis Presley who accompanied him on his visit to the White House, participated in the Library's oral history program. You can read the transcript or watch the interview, which provide an in depth description of the meeting between the President and Elvis.

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