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August 1 - September 16, 2018

Why They Wore It:
The Politics & Pop Culture of First Ladies' Fashion

Special Exhibit Opens August 1st

FOR SIX WEEKS ONLY: Nearly two-dozen fashion favorites and sartorial specialties of our First Ladies are coming to Yorba Linda.

This beautiful exhibit will feature actual and exact replica dresses designed to appear as if they are walking down a runway.

It will break new ground by examining how each First Lady used her favorite styles to advance her own — and her husband's — agenda, by embracing special causes and promoting political positions, with a significant emphasis on Pat Nixon.


Join us for the hottest social outing this summer!

This August and September: Six knowledgeable titans of the fashion industry will take to the Nixon Library's White House East Room stage in a seven-part series, to examine the impacts of our First Ladies, including those who designed clothing for First Ladies — and those who wrote about, critically reviewed, and drew attention to the clothing designs.

Seating is limited - sign up today!



August 8 - November 6, 2018

Vote Like Your World
Depended On It:
The Story of the 1968 Election

Special Exhibit Opens August 8th 

Assassinations. Riots. Fires. Destruction in our Cities.

"Did we come all this way for this?"

This new, highly-visual, originally-curated exhibit at the Nixon Library will dig up a time capsule to peel back a veil on the presidential election that capped one the most divisive, colorful, and consequential years in American history.

The three final presidential candidates will present you with their contrasting visions for America —and America’s role in the world— culminating in the chaotic Democratic National Convention in Chicago and Richard Nixon's hairbreadth victory that November.

We’re taking you back to 1968 — and you won’t want to miss it!


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