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June 17 to August 13, 2017  -

 What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?

"What's Cooking" debuted in 2011 as one of the National Archives' most popular exhibits, generating excitement and dialog among visitors and in the media. The exhibit's eclectic records were all produced in the course of Government efforts to ensure that Americans enjoy an ample, safe, and nutritious diet. Spanning the Revolutionary War to the late 1900s, the letters, photographs, pamphlets, posters, films, and radio programs echo many of our current concerns about Government's role in the health and safety of our food supply. The exhibit is a winning combination of nostalgia, humor, and intriguing insights about the history of the government that helped our diet. We will explore aspects related to the Nixon family's palate as well as a look at the farm to table movement in the region.


September 2, 2017 to January 7, 2018 -

Picturing Nam: U.S. Military Photography of the Vietnam War

This exhibition presents America’s story of its involvement in the war through photographs depicting soldiers in many different aspects of the conflict. There are 45 framed photographs taken by military photographers with assignments to jungles and swamps, forward bases, hospital ships, rivers, and airbases. Also on display are images of President Nixon visiting Vietnam in 1969 as well as various documents from the archives dealing with his efforts to end the war.





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