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Visitors to the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum begin their tour in the auditorium, which shows vintage campaign films, news footage, and historically significant television appearances by President Nixon.

Visitors then proceed to the permanent galleries. These galleries were inherited by the federal government in 2007 from the private foundation that used to control the Nixon library. They display images, video, and artifacts related to President Nixon's career, family life, and service as president. Among the featured exhibits are:

  • A replica of the Lincoln Sitting Room in the White House's family quarters as it was decorated during President Nixon's time in office. This exhibit shows the room where President Nixon made many of his most crucial decisions.

  • An exploration of the space program during the Nixon presidency, featuring an astronaut's space suit, the telephone President Nixon used to call Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon, and an actual Moon rock

  • The 1967 Lincoln Continental limousine used by Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford

  • A reconstruction of President Nixon's post-presidential office in his home in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

  • A replica of the East Room of the White House

  • President Nixon's helicopter and birthplace

As the National Archives, which now controls these exhibits, creates a federal, nonpartisan center for the study of President Nixon's life and times and of the American presidency, we will be introducing many changes to these galleries. Over the next several years, a nonpartisan, interactive, digital, and self-curated museum will materialize in these spaces.

Visitors are also invited to see the special exhibit galleries, which show a variety of rotating exhibits related to our mission as a national institution and local landmark.




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