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Section 1: Conspiracy Thinking

Issue: Forming the Plumbers

Issue: Investigation of Bureau of Labor Statistics

Issue: Investigation of Daniel Schorr

Issue: Enemies List

Issue: Firebombing of Brookings?

Issue: Fielding Break-in

Section 2: Dirty Tricks and Political Espionage

Issue: Historical Background

Issue: President Nixon’s interest in Political Espionage and infiltration

Issue: President Nixon and Dirty Tricks

Issue: Liddy’s Intelligence Operations

Issue: 24 hour surveillance of Senator Kennedy

Section 3: The Cover Up

Theme: payments and pardons to the burglars

Section 4: Investigations

Section 5: The Fight over the Tapes

Section 6: A View from San Clemente

  • Oral History snippet: Herb Klein on setting up the David Frost interview

  • Oral History snippet: David Frost on President Nixon's Apology

  • Oral History snippet: Leonard Garment on President Nixon's Apology

  • Vintage TV snippet: Excerpt from the Frost interview "Sword"

  • Vintage TV snippet: Excerpt from the Frost interview "Final"

    Section 7: Why Watergate Mattered


    Baker, Howard

    Barker, Bernard

    Bernstein, Carl

    Bork, Robert

    Butterfield, Alexander

    McCord, James W. Jr.

    Chapin, Dwight

    Colson, Charles

    Cox, Archibald

    Dean, John

    Diem, Ngo Dinh

    Ehrlichman, John

    Ellsberg, Daniel

    Ervin, Sam

    Ford, Gerald

    Gonzalez, Virgilio

    Haldman, H.R.

    Haig, Alexander

    Hunt, E. Howard

    Liddy, G. Gordon

    Malek, Fred

    Martinez, Eugenio

    Mitchell, John

    O'Brien, Larry

    Richardson, Elliot

    Ruckelshaus, William

    Shorr, Daniel

    Segretti, Donald

    Sirica, John

    Stennis, John

    Strachen, Gordon

    Sturgis, Frank

    Young, David

    Woodward, Bob

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