Medal of Honor Ceremonies


The Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor was awarded on 23 occasions during the Nixon presidency. These are listed by date, followed by the names of the recipients.

Photographs: The White House Photo Office (WHPO) took photographs of nearly all of the medal presentation ceremonies. Click on the "WHPO Photos" links to view the contact sheets of the roll(s) of film taken for that corresponding ceremony. The links will open in a new tab. You may request high resolution digital copies of any of these photographs by contacting the Nixon Library:

Transcripts: In some cases there are transcripts of the remarks made by President Nixon and others at the medal presentation ceremonies. These are available at the American Presidency Project on the University of California, Santa Barbara's website. Click on the "Transcript" links below to visit the corresponding webpages. The links will open in a new tab. There are no transcripts for the ceremonies that were conducted by Vice Presidents Agnew or Ford.

Sound Recordings: In some cases, sound recordings are available for the medal presentation ceremonies. These were recorded by the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). Click on the links in the "Sound Recording" column to listen to the audio. The links will open in a new tab. You may also download the mp3s from the website by Right-Clicking on the link and choosing "Save Link As." Choosing "Save" will download the mp3 to your computer or device.

All the photographs and sound recordings listed below are from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum's holdings.

Date Recipients

WHPO Photos

Transcript Sound Recording

United States Army:

Staff Sergeant Joe R. Hooper

Sergeant First Class Fred W. Zabitosky

Specialist Five Clarence E. Sasser






Yes Yes


United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Private First Class Melvin E. Newlin



Yes No

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Sergeant Rodney M. Davis



No No

United States Army:

Chief Warrant Officer Frederick E. Ferguson

Specialist Four Thomas J. Kinsman





Yes Yes

United States Army:

Sergeant First Class Charles E. Hosking, Jr.



No No

United States Army:

Major Patrick H. Brady

Captain Jack H. Jacobs

Captain James M. Sprayberry

Sergeant Robert M. Patterson






Yes Yes

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Lance Corporal Jedh C. Barker

Sergeant Alfredo C. Gonzalez

United States Army (posth.):

Second Lieutenant Harold B. Durham Jr.



No No

United States Army (posth.):

Private First Class John A. Barnes III

Specialist Fourth Class Robert F. Stryker

Major Charles J. Watters, Chaplain



No No

United States Army (posth.):

Corporal Jerry W. Wickam

2441 No No

United States Army:

Sergeant Webster Anderson

Staff Sergeant Nicky D. Bacon

Staff Segeant Paul R. Lambers

2476 Yes Yes

United States Army (posth.):

Sergeant First Class Eugene Ashley Jr.

Staff Sergeant Clifford C. Sims

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Second Lieutenant Terrence C. Graves

2521 No No

United States Army (posth.):

First Lieutenant Douglas B. Fournet

Sergeant First Class Rodney J. T. Yano

Staff Sergeant Laszlo Rabel

Specialist Five John J. Kedenburg

Corporal Thomas W. Bennet

Staff Sergeant Marvin R. Young

Sergeant Ray McKibben

Sergeant Anund C. Roark

Sergeant William W. Seay

Sergeant Lester R. Stone, Jr.

Corporal Michael J. Crescenz

Specialist Four Nicholas J. Cutinha

Specialist Four Edward A. Devore, Jr.

Specialist Four Peter M. Guenette

Specialist Four Kenneth L. Olson

Specialist Four Hector Santiago-Colon

Private First Class James W. Fous

Private First Class Garfield M. Langhorn

Private First Class Milton A. Lee

Private First Class Phill G. McDonald

Private First Class David P. Nash



No Yes

United States Marine Corps:

Sergeant Lawrence D. Peters

Hospital Corpsman Second Class David R. Ray (Navy)

Corporal Larry L. Maxam

Hospital Corpsman Third Class Wayne M. Caron (Navy)

Lance Corporal Kenneth L. Worley

Lance Corporal William R. Prom

Lance Corporal Thomas E. Creek

Private First Class Ralph H. Johnson

Private First Class Robert C. Burke

Private First Class Dewayne T. Williams

Private First Class Oscar P. Austin

Private First Class Alfred M. Wilson

Private First Class Robert H. Jenkins, Jr.

Private First Class Ronald L. Coker

Private First Class Jimmy W. Phipps

3392 No Yes

United States Army:

Lieutenant Colonel Charles C. Rogers

Captain Paul W. Bucha

Captain Ronald E. Ray

Sergeant Allen J. Lynch, Specialist Four Frank A. Herda

United States Marine Corps:

Major M. Sando Vargas, Jr. (Jay R. Vargas)

Captain James E. Livingston

United States Navy:

Lieutenant Commander Thomas G. Kelley

Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph R. Kerrey (J. Robert Kerrey, Bob Kerrey)

Hospital Corpsman Second Class Donald E. Ballard

United States Air Force:

Captain James P. Fleming

Sergeant John L. Levitow

3513 Yes Yes

United States Army (posth.):

First Lieutenant Gary L. Miller

First Lieutenant John E. Warren Jr.

Staff Sergeant Robert W. Hartsock

Sergeant William D. Port

Specialist Four Robert D. Law

Specialist Four Thomas J. McMahon

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Corporal William D. Morgan

Lance Corporal Jose F. Jimenez

United States Air Force (posth.):

Lieutenant Colonel William A. Jones

4099 No Yes

United States Army (posth.):

First Lieutenant Stephen H. Doane

First Lieutenant Robert L. Poxon

Sergeant First Class William M. Bryant

Sergeant Charles C. Fleek

Sergeant John N. Holcomb

Corporal Terry L. Kawamura

Specialist Four Donald R. Johnston

Private First Class Daniel J. Shea

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Staff Sergeant Karl G. Taylor

Lance Corporal Thomas P. Noonan Jr.

Lance Corporal Lester W. Weber

Private First Class Daniel D. Bruce

5657 No Yes

United States Army:

Captain Harold A. Fritz

Captain Robert L. Howard

Platoon Sergeant Finnis D. McCleery

Staff Segeant Don J. Jenkins

Sergeant Gordon R. Roberts

Specialist Four George C. Lang

United States Marine Corps:

Captain Wesley L. Fox



No Yes

United States Army (posth.):

Staff Sergeant Robert J. Pruden

Sergeant Rodney J. Evans

Specialist Four Michael R. Blanchfield

6130 No Yes

United States Army:

Major Kern W. Dunagan

Chief Warrant Officer Michael J. Novosel

Staff Sergeant Franklin D. Miller

Sergeant Peter C. Lemon

Sergeant Richard A. Penry

Specialist Four John P. Baca

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Private First Class Raymond M. Clausen Jr.

6628 No Yes

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Lance Corporal Richard A. Anderson

Lance Corporal Emilio A. De La Garza, Jr.

Lance Corporal James D. Howe

Lance Corporal Miguel Keith

Private First Class Bruce W. Carter

7212 No Yes

United States Army (posth.):

First Lieutenant Russell A. Steindam

Second Lieutenant Robert R. Leisy

Sergeant Brian L. Buker

Sergeant Donald S. Skidgel

Corporal Michael F. Folland

Specialist Four Joseph G. LaPointe Jr.

8052 No Yes

United States Army:

First Lieutenant Brian M. Thacker

Sergeant First Class Gary L. Littrell

Staff Sergeant James L. Bondsteel

Sergeant Gary B. Beikirch

Specialist Four Michael J. Fitzmaurice

Private First Class Kenneth M. Kays

United States Navy:

Engineman First Class Michael E. Thornton

United States Marine Corps:

Gunnary Sergeant Allan J. Kellogg Jr.

United States Air Force:

Lieutenant Colonel Leo K. Thorsness







Yes Yes

United States Army (posth.):

Lieutenant Colonel Andre C. Lucas

Staff Sergeant Hammett L. Bowen Jr.

Staff Sergeant John G. Gertsch

Sergeant Mitchell W. Stout

Specialist Four Danny J. Petersen

Private First Class David F. Winder

United States Marine Corps (posth.):

Ralph E. Dias

No No Yes

United States Army (posth.):

Major William E. Adams

First Lieutenant Loren D. Hagen

Staff Sergeant Glenn H. English Jr.

Staff Sergeant Robert C. Murray

Corporal Frank R. Fratellenico

Specialist Four Larry G. Dahl

United States Air Force (posth.):

Captain Steven L. Bennett

No No Yes