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  • Beyond the Playing Field--Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Advocate

    The National Archives and Records Administration holds numerous records relating to Jackie Robinson, many of which pertain to his period of civil rights advocacy. Several belonging to that time have been reproduced here for educators teaching courses that involve civil rights events and issues, character education, and effective citizenship skills.

  • Constitutional Issues--Watergate and the Constitution

    When Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 in the wake of the Watergate scandal, it was only the second time in our history that impeachment of a President had been considered. Nearly every action taken with regard to the case had some constitutional significance. The document shown here deals with a specific question: Should the Watergate Special Prosecutor seek an indictment of the former President?

  • Letter from House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford to President Richard M. Nixon

    Following Vice President Spiro Agnew's resignation, President Richard M. Nixon was required to nominate a new vice president. Before placing a name into nomination, Nixon sought guidance from other government leaders, including then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford. Background information, teaching activities, and Ford's letter are part of this lesson plan.

  • Nixon in China

    In 1972, President and Mrs. Nixon traveled to China for a weeklong visit. U.S. Presidents visit other countries frequently. Why is President Nixon's trip to China important? Part of the Presidential Timeline, which includes digital assets from all of the Presidential Libraries of the National Archives, this lesson plan is based on the Kids as Curator model with background information, tasks, questions, digital assets, and an evaluation rubric.
Lesson Plans


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