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The Alpha Name Files files were segregated from the White House Central Files:   Alpha Name Files and placed in the White House Special Files unit. The White House Special Files:  Alpha Name Files include the names of several individuals whose files were considered administratively and politically sensitive.

About the Alpha Name Files

  • Number of boxes:   2
  • Linear feet of materials:   0.6 cubic feet
  • Approximate number of pages:   A standard archival box can contain up to 1,000 pages of material

Finding Aid

The following individual name files are open for research:

  • John J. ("Jack") Caulfield
  • Dwight L. Chapin
  • Charles W. Colson
  • John W. Dean, III
  • Frank deMarco, Jr.
  • John D. Ehrlichman
  • H. R. ("Bob") Haldeman
  • E. Howard Hunt, Jr.
  • Tom C. Huston
  • Herbert W. Kalmbach
  • Egil ("Bud") Krogh
  • Fred La Rue
  • Jeb S. Magruder
  • John N. Mitchell
  • Richard A. Moore
  • Robert C. Odle, Jr.
  • Herbert L. ("Bart") Porter
  • Robert Reisner
  • Maurice H. Stans
  • Gordon C. Strachan
  • David R. Young


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