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FG 6-10 (Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations)

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Scope and Content Note

The Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations was established as an agency of the Executive Office of the President by Executive Order 11075 on January 15, 1963. The position of Special Representative holds the same rank as Ambassador. This office is responsible for supervising and coordinating most aspects of U.S. foreign trade policy.

Materials filed under (FG 6-10) Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations contain information on foreign trade. Issues in this category include trade and investment legislation, negotiating tariff quotas and concessions, proposing the establishment of an ambassador for agricultural exports, and appointments to this office.

Major correspondents are Fred Malek, William Eberle, Peter G. Peterson, Carl Gilbert, Peter Flanigan, Henry Kissinger, and Theodore Gates. Most of the correspondence in this file is made up of letters recommending candidates for the Office of Special Trade Representative for Negotiations. Letters urging the President not to merge this office with the Department of Commerce are also a large part of these files.

The terms Executive and General precede each of the FG 6-10 file designations. They indicate the separation of documents according to source. The executive file includes official communications among national, state, and local governments, as well as special interest groups. The general items designate correspondence between government officials and private citizens. Files with /A designations pertain to appointments and resignations.

Two additional folders were located in the oversized attachments [OA #3989]. They make up Box 2.

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