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FG 164 (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

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Scope and Content Note

Filed under the category of FG (Federal Government-Organizations) are materials pertaining to matters such as establishment, disestablishment organization, reorganizations, audits, inspections, investigations, location, relocation, regulations, reports, appointments, and endorsements to top positions.

FG 164 pertains to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and contains materials concerning that agency's policies, programs, budget, personnel, site facilities and public relations activities.  Correspondents include, among others, the President; successive NASA administrators, T. O. Paine and James Fletcher; George Low; Julian Scheer; Peter Flanigan; Lee DuBridge; members of Congress; and congressional liaison staff.  Related subject categories in the Central Files include:

FG 6-4 National Aeronautics and Space Council
FG 6-9 Office of Science and Technology
FG 6-11-1/DuBridge, Lee DuBridge, Lee
FG 33-17 House Committee on Science and Aeronautics [Astronautics]
FG 36-1 Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences
FG 221-18 Space Task Group
SC Sciences
SC 2-3 Meteorological Rockets and Satellites
UT 1 Communications Satellites


The Executive file material concerns NASA policy, programs, facilities, administrative functions, and public relations.

Some of the policy matters discussed in the file include preparation of  issue papers; contract procedures; transfer of NASA-developed technology; redefinition of NASA's mission; research and development goals; review of tracking and data acquisition functions and activities and program transfers such as the High Energy Physics Program from NASA to the National Science Foundation, and the SST program from the Department of Transportation to NASA.

Materials about programs include annual and semi-annual reports to Congress on aeronautics and space activities, and monthly reports to the White House on current activities and upcoming events.  Included also is correspondence about specific Apollo, Mariner, Viking, Pioneer and Skylab launches; space shuttle development; and international cooperation in space exploration and communications and environmental survey satellites.

NASA facilities are discussed in connection with the selection of sites for  the space shuttle program and satellite launches; the use of the Mississippi Test Facility as a Gulf Coast Environmental Center and as a base to aid in regional redevelopment in the aftermath of Hurricane Camille; and the transfer of the Electronic Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts to the Department of Transportation.

Fiscal-year budgets, specific budget items and cutbacks; procedures such as for mail referrals and personnel appointments, resignations and retirements are among the administrative level topics in this file.

Public relations activities documented include, for NASA officials and astronauts, tours, dinners and speaking engagements; invitations to dignitaries and others to view various launches; a visit by Soviet cosmonauts; and Presidential visits or communications with the astronauts.

The General file material concerns, also, various public relations activities; budget cut affects on employment at Cape Canaveral, the Electronics Research Center, and the Space Radiation Effects Laboratory; contract awards; candidates for administrative positions; the Rocketdyne engine; moon rocks; and research and development suggestions made by W. F. Rockwell.

FG 164/A

The Executive file contains correspondence, press releases and biographical summaries concerning top executive level appointments and resignations. Included is material about the retirement from NASA of Dr. Wernher Von Braun.

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