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FG 1-2 (Personal Representatives [of the President])

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Scope and Content Note

Filed in subject category FG 1-2 are materials concerning appointments of Personal Representatives of the President to ceremonial events and diplomatic negotiations. Frequent correspondents include: President Nixon, John Brown III, John Campbell, Kenneth Cole, Jeane Davis, John Ehrlichman, Edwin Harper, Harry Hopkins, Richard Fairbanks, Leonard Garment, David Gergen, Henry Kissinger, Herbert Klein, Thomas Korologos, Robert Mayo, Gen. Brent Scowcroft, William Timmons, Rose Mary Woods and Ronald Ziegler.

The Executive file category within this subject category includes the correspondence of the President, White House Staff and Administration officials with heads of state, members of Congress, political party members, personal acquaintances and business, patriotic and special interest organizations. The General file category mainly contains correspondence of the President and White House Staff with members of Congress, business, patriotic and special interest organizations and the general public. Many of the same subjects and correspondents, however, may be found in both files. Some of the files are subdivided numerically by country (/CO#).

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Among the many appointments of personal representatives and events covered in this subject category are Col. Frank Borman's visit to Spain (1969); the 18 Nation Disarmament Conference; Gov. Nelson Rockefeller's trip to Latin America (1969); Lincoln Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and patriotic commemorative ceremonies; Henry Cabot Lodge's visits to the Vatican; visits with Cardinal Cooke; the Dwight Eisenhower Stamp and other Eisenhower observances; Mexican Independence; Winston Churchill memorials; United Nations conferences; Apollo Goodwill Tours; Gov. Ronald Reagan's trips to Asia (1969 and 1971) and Australia, Indonesia and Singapore (1974); the Chinese Table Tennis Team Tour (1972); John Connally's visit to Iran (1972) and meetings with American Indian groups.

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