White House Central Files

The White House Central Files was the main filing system used by White House staff members and offices to maintain non-sensitive records.

Sensitive materials created prior to 1972 were removed from selected White House Central Files:  Subject Files and from selected White House Central Files:  Staff Member and Office Files, and transferred to the Special Files.

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Central Files Available for Research

The White House Central Files staff divided these records into four main file groups:

Subject Files

Learn how the Executive and General files are organized and view the Subject Category Finding Aid.

Staff Member & Office Files

View the alphabetic Staff Member Finding Aid for the records of Presidential advisory offices and the President's Daily Diary.

Alphabetical Name Files

View the alphabetic Individual Names Finding Aid for correspondence filed alphabetically by name or organization.

Oversized Attachments

Oversized Attachments, such as publications, posters, and bumper stickers, were removed from the White House Central and Special Files.