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The Nixon Library archivists created preservation copies of the original White House Tapes in compliance with archival standards by duplicating each original tape onto archival quality analog reel-to-reel tape and digital audiocassette. These reel-to-reel tape and digital audiocassette copies were made at the same time to protect the originals.

  • the analog reel-to-reel tapes serve as the main preservation copy
  • the digital copies are used for review and technical processing

To facilitate review and editing, SMPTE time code was recorded onto the second track of each tape for locating specific points within conversations. As a result, the Nixon Library staff can quickly locate conversations and make necessary edits.

The tapes are stored in a cool archival vault with an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 35-45% relative humidity control. Nixon Library staff systematically monitor the tapes for any sign of deterioration.

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