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Reference copies of the White House Tapes are available on CDs or cassettes:

  • Due to the length of the Nixon White House Tapes, each tape is made available on multiple CDs or cassettes.

Reference CDs

Beginning with the release of the Fourth Chronological Conversation Tape Release in December 2003, the Nixon Library began making the Nixon tapes available on reference CDs.

  • In this format each conversation was assigned a track number with the track list on the outside of the CD case. This format has proven much more user friendly for researchers since they no longer have to search an analog cassette to locate specific conversations.

  • The CD provides a digital reproduction of the conversations, and the audio quality will not deteriorate over time as it does on analog cassette.

  • Eventually all the chronological releases will be made available on reference CD.

Reference Cassettes

All of the Nixon tapes released prior to December 2003 are available on analog cassettes. These cassettes were made directly from the Digital Audio Tape copies.

  • Each White house tape is reproduced on multiple cassettes, with conversation lists on the cassette case label.

  • In order to assist researchers in locating specific conversations, the Nixon Library staff recorded introductions and conclusions for each conversation on the cassette.

Releases on reference cassettes include:

How to Copy

The publicly open Nixon White House Tapes are made available to the public in the Research Rooms at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California, and at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) facility in College Park, Maryland.

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