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During the review process, the Nixon Library staff creates Finding Aids to assist people in finding conversations. Many of these Finding Aids are available online and on CD.

Available On-Line Tapes Finding Aids

Search the White House Tapes Finding Aids

  • The Finding Aid CD-ROM (also available as a download) can be used to quickly locate conversations relating to specific individuals, locations, dates, and participants.

  • Tape Subject Logs may also be searched on this web site by going to Advanced Search and selecting "Tape Subject Logs" in the drop-down box.

About the Finding Aids

A variety of finding aids are created to assist researchers. The Finding Aids include:

  • Transcripts – While transcripts do exist for some of the Nixon White House Tapes, the Nixon staff does not transcribe the tapes. Any transcripts that are available were created by the Watergate Special Prosecution Force or in response to court orders.

  • Scope and Content Notes – overview may include general topics of interest, brief history of taping system, description of the processing procedures, descriptions of the quality and quantity of the tapes.

  • Tapes Subject Logs – general outlines of each conversation containing references to the people, places, and subjects being discussed in a specific conversation.

  • Lists – includes lists of conversations by date and by conversation number; abbreviations; acronyms; geographic locations; and names
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