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Excerpted Automobile Safety & Air Bag Conversations

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This taped conversation was transcribed by National Archives and Records Administration archivists in response to a court order in the case of King v. General Motor et. al.. The conversation covers automobile safety, emissions guidelines, and other Federal automotive regulations.

This conversation took place in the Oval Office on April 27, 1971 between 11:08am and 1:43am and is part of the First Chronological Conversation Tape Release.  [See Also:  First Chronological Conversation Tape Release:   February 1971 - July 1971]

"Air Bag" Conversation

  • Date:  April 27, 1971
    Conversation Number:   488-15 (Segment 7)
    Cassette Numbers / Minutes:   C534-4, C535-1 and C536-1 (1 hour, 21 minutes)   |   Adobe Acrobat PDFTranscript
    The President, Lee Iacocca, and Henry Ford discuss automobile safety, specifically, the use of air bags.
    Location:   White House Oval Office 
    • President Nixon
    • Lide Anthony Iacocca
    • Henry Ford II
    • Ronald L. Ziegler
    • John D. Ehrlichman

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