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There are no transcripts for these conversations.

The Nixon Library has created the following Finding Aids to assist researchers in their work.

Tape Subject Logs

For each tape segment, the subject log includes:
  • the date
  • time and location
  • names of participants
  • outline of the content of the conversation designed to mirror the flow of conversation

Researchers can use these Tape Subject Logs to locate relevant segments and to follow the content of each conversation.

Conversation List

The Conversation List provides a complete list of each conversation and includes the:
  • date and time of the meeting
  • participants (by individual, or described by group)
  • length of the released portion of the conversation
  • reference cassette or CD where it can be found

This list is available in two formats:

Adobe Acrobat PDFAbbreviations List

A list of abbreviations used for personal names in the above Conversation Lists.

Obsolete Lists

The following lists incorporate information for the First through Fourth Chronological Releases (February 1971 - October 1972), as well as Cabinet Room conversations (February 1971 - July 1973). They do not include information for the Fifth Chronological Release (November 1972 - July 1973). The lists have been supplanted by the search functionality on this web site (by going to Advanced Search and selecting "Tape Subject Logs" in the drop-down box) or the White House Tapes CD-ROM Finding Aid.

Adobe Acrobat PDFName List

A list of individuals whose names can be found in the Tape Subject Logs and the tape number(s) in which the person is a subject or participant.

Adobe Acrobat PDFGeographic Names List

A list of geographic locations that appear in the Tape Subject Logs along with the tape number(s) in which the location is a subject.

Adobe Acrobat PDFAcronyms List

A list of each acronym used in the Tape Subject Logs. The list details the words from which the acronym was derived and refers to the tape number on which the acronym occurs.

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