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Roll #: S-1
Can Markings: 14, Spring 1970A, HRH
Description: Motorcade scene; P and FL at NASA event, Houston locale?, with lunar module in background; P in AF-1, gives souvenirs to families of astronauts; Haldeman on AF-1; P & FL deplane; Apollo 13 astronauts deplane; Medal of Freedom ceremony in Hawaii; view from VIP quarters in Hawaii; P at public event, church?; good shot of hula girls behind Presidential limousine; P giving Cambodia speech; demonstrators in DC, VC flag, National Guard troops in WH complex, buses ringing WH complex

Roll #: S-2
Can Markings: Apr '71, 23
Description: P & FL at unidentified public event with ladies in sashes, possibly DAR?; DC street scenes during demonstrations (LS), WH staff members watch demonstrators from a roof-top; footage of police on EOB grounds; P reviews troops, military exercises, P shakes hands from limousine; P tours agricultural equipment exhibit on the Mall; P speaking before unidentified group; photo opp in front of AF-1

Roll #: S-3
Can Markings: May '71, 25
Description: P & FL plant a tree; P and Sec. Rogers (?) walk to car; motorcade; Presidential arrival at Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX, George & Barbara Bush, Billy Graham and wife; dedication ceremony at LBJ Library, shots from helicopter departure; P greets beauty contest winner, P visit to Alabama, Tenn-Tom waterway dedication, George Wallace, motorcade, hand-shaking

Roll #: S-4
Can Markings: China #1, Haldeman
Description: Departure ceremony, shots of WH grounds and crowd from inside helicopter; AF-1, TV on with television coverage of departure ceremony at WH; Pat Buchanan, Dwight Chapin on board, watching televised departure; Chapin or Walker(?) filming in super 8 on the tarmac at Andrews AFB; P and FL board AF-1; P confers with Sec. Rogers, shot of briefing book for China trip, with Haldeman's name on the cover; P greets well-wishers during China stop-over; Hawaii landscape shots; P speaks to crowd; P & Rogers confer on AF-1; Haldeman on AF-1; P, Rogers, Kissinger and Scowcroft meet on AF-1; Ziegler and Scali on AF-1; Chapin typing on portable typewriter on AF-1; Guam stop over; AF-1 pilot cabin; shot of radar screen, instrument panel; landing in Beijing arrival ceremony; view from car in Beijing; back on AF-1 for meeting?; P reviews Chinese honor guard

Roll #: S-5
Can Markings: 5 of 6, August 1970, HRH 20
Description: Pat ceremony marking the incorporation of the new Post Office; signs documents; street scenes, motorcade; P in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; countryside; motorcade; formal banquet; P reviews Mexican honor guard; P with group in front of helicopter

Roll #: S-6
Can Markings: China 7A, Haldeman
Description: View of Chinese airport from a propeller driven plane, LS of AF-1 on the tarmac; P, WH staff deplane from prop-driven plane; Chinese countryside, streets, shot from limousine; P touring printing plant; view of Chinese operation under acupuncture anesthetic (from TV monitor); office banquet, table settings; Premier Chou En-lai; cityscapes and street scenes from guest accommodations and from limousine; shots of guest rooms and WH staff; official banquet, after-dinner toasts; Chinese acrobats

Roll #: S-7
Can Markings: 7A
Description: Continuation of previous roll: Chinese acrobats, Chinese street scenes; motorcade; Nixon and Chou meet outside, shake hands at unknown event; Chinese countryside, shot from aircraft. AF-1 interiors: P & Sec. Rogers, Haldeman and unidentified staff member at work. P & FL deplane, arrival in US(?)

Roll #: S-8
Can Markings: 1-A
Description: Large crowd, P shaking hands, TV cameras, AF-1 behind a speakers platform. P visits two men in the hospital. More crowds; P speaking; limousine

Roll #: S-9
Can Markings: July & August 1970, 6 of 6, HRH 21
Description: state arrival ceremony for Prince Charles and Princess Anne, P greets entertainers on the South Lawn, P press briefing with VFW (?) leaders and youths, state arrival ceremony with unidentified head of state; street scenes from motorcade, Fargo, ND Presidential visit; street scenes from motorcade, Salt Lake City, UT Presidential visit; state arrival ceremony, unidentified African head of state

Roll #: S-10
Can Markings: Winter 1970, HRH 22
Description: Press briefing with P and unidentified individuals, scenes from performance of the musical "1776" at the White House, WH guards in dress white uniforms; state arrival ceremony for unidentified head of state; P at the United Nations; P outside a black church, possibly Whitney Young funeral; state arrival ceremony for Willy Brandt, Prime Minister of W. Germany; informal staff meeting, Ehrlichman films; P photo opp in Oval Office with unidentified man; Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash performing at the White House

Roll #: S-11
Can Markings: China #2, Haldeman
Description: interiors at Chinese guest house; Chinese street scenes shot from motorcade; photo op w/P, Chinese leaders; P in conversation with Chou En-Lai; Ziegler press briefing; exteriors at Chinese guest house; more motorcade footage; P and U.S. delegation meet with Chinese across long table; street scenes, Tienamin Square; streets at night, shot from limousine; official dinner, Chinese opera

Roll #: S-12
Can Markings: Winter '71, #29, 3 of 3
Description: David, Julie, Tricia and Ed, viewed through the window of a house; preparations on the South Lawn for Tricia's wedding; guests file in; shots of bride & groom, and the wedding party; receiving line; reception, dancing; cutting wedding cake; couple departs; [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL – RESTRICTION CODE "G"]

Roll #: S-13
Can Markings: Winter '71, #28
Description: On board AF-1, Senator Henry M. Jackson, unidentified persons; Army "Old Guard" detachment; P at meeting with Congressmen (?); Old Guard performance; demonstrator being carried away by police; Tricia, Pat shaking hands with a crowd; P at David Eisenhower's OCS graduation ceremony; P and Ziegler taking questions from the press; [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL – RESTRICTION CODE "G"]; head of state arrival ceremony; P places wreath at tomb (Veteran's Day?); Nixon meets w/elderly man in a wheelchair on the porch of a house, possibly in California, awards a medal to him; the press; staff member with camera (Ehrlichman?); staff clowning around; men on steps of EOB; P w/priest with broken arm (on the street after a church service?); unidentified staff member and Higby, walking on the South Lawn; spring flowers on the S. Lawn; the press (possibly in colonial Williamsburg?); P speaking in public behind flags of many nations, Agnew, Dole in attendance; more Old Guard performance, crowds; sign of Nixon supporter: "For real PEACE, Nixon in '72"

Roll #: S-14
Can Markings: 19, 4 of 6, Europe 1970 IV, HRH
Description: Foreign honor guard, aerial shots of a building, Troops & band, Troops lining roadway. P being received at an airport. Man in military uniform speaks at microphone. People shake hands with P & FL. Shots from a moving car of London - Trafalgar Square and sign reading " Downing Street ." Shot of policeman guard # 10 Downing Street . Shots from car of Big Ben and Parliament building. Motorcade stops and P is seen on top of a car waving a cane and smiling at the crowd. He is joined by a man wearing a red robe (appears to be a parliament member) P seen with PM Heath. Shots of Dwight Chapin in what appears to be the room the President is staying in. P, Heath and Kissinger strolling in a garden outside a residence. P & FL pose for pictures with unidentifiable people. P shovels dirt in the garden. Aerial shots of farms and fields. P attending a dedication ceremony. Shots from a moving car - Banner reads, "Cead Mile Failte" Shots show motorcade in Irish countryside. Cars stop to talk to people on horseback. Shots of what appears to be a welcoming ceremony. P and Agnew at the microphone with Agnew speaking.

Roll #: S-15
Can Markings: 27, Winter 7.
Description: Crowd Scene, mostly youth, applauding P. Shot of Erlichman using a 8mm camera. P speaks to crowd, Tricia and Pat wave. P at a welcoming ceremony for dignitaries from Spain. (Spanish flag seen in shot) Ceremony on WH lawn and group enters WH and appears on the balcony waving to crowd. P on the beach in shorts and short-sleeved shirt. Appears to be talking with unidentified men. P and FL standing next to each other, Ceremony welcoming unidentified dignitary at the WH. Group leaves lawn and appears on the balcony waving to crowd. P gives dignitary a tour of WH exterior. P is introduced by (Hubert Humphrey?) and speaks. P and FL on a small stage with two paintings. FL speaks and points to the paintings. P talking to teens who give him two gift baskets. Swearing-in ceremony. Man being sworn-in speaks at microphone. Motorcade- Shots of crowds with signs outside the Capitol. P speaking to Congress (most likely state of the Union address) P leaves. Shots of crowds with anti-war signs. Roll ends with shot of policemen chasing someone.

Roll #: S-16
Can Markings: May 71, 26
Description: Head of state visit by King Ibn Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Welcoming ceremony on the White House lawn. P and Faisal enter the White House and reappear on the balcony. (May 27,1971) Aerial shots of West Point campus. Various shots of cadet honor guard and P speaking and watching honor guard perform. P inside speaking to cadets. P outside receiving a memento from a army General. (May 29,1971) Retirement ceremony at the White House for William Hopkins.(June 2,1971) P meeting with crowds of children at the White House. Shots of boys choir performing for the President. Shots from a motorcade. P in a meeting at The Nosegay. Crowds holding signs welcoming the president to Atlantic City. Roll ends with crowd shots.

Roll #: S-17
Can Markings: China, #6, Halderman [sic]
Description: Aerial shots of Chinese countryside. P and party arriving at a snowy airport. Shots of farms and streets lined with people taken from a moving car. Shots at a park in China: children playing badminton, children dancing. P and Chou En-lai: P meets with a girl in a pink coat and shakes hands with people. Haldeman seen with an 8mm camera. P, FL and others stop at a pond and feed fish. Great crowd shots that include Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Barbara Walters. Haldeman and another staff member playing Ping-Pong. P posing with the China trip press corps. P toasting at a banquet. Farms as shot from a moving car. Roll ends with aerial footage of Chinese countryside.

Roll#: S-18
Can Markings: China, #3, Halderman [sic]
Description: motorcade shots of a town. Shots taken of Chinese school children. Children seen learning playing and exercising. People shown playing table tennis. Children seen running an obstacle course relay race. Shots of daily life in a Chinese town. P at a meeting with Chou En-Lai. Shots from a moving car of crowded streets. P and party attending a gymnastics exhibition. People seen playing badminton and table tennis.

Roll #: S-19
Can Markings: China, #4, Halderman [sic]
Description: Shots from a moving car of streets and countryside in China. Most of this roll shows P touring the great wall of China. After leaving wall the group stops to look at sculptures of elephants and animals. General shots of Chinese life: children playing and dancing. Shots from a moving car as hundreds of people on bicycles pass by.

Roll #: S-20
Can Markings: China, #5, Halderman [sic]
Description: Scenes of streets in China as seen from a moving car. People clearing snow from the streets with brooms. Great shots of P in and around (the forbidden city?) The Nixon's have lunch and then view an ancient suit of armor and some statues and works of art. Group departs and the camera focuses on the buildings architectural elements. Great shots of the snowy streets as seen from the moving motorcade. P and Chou En-Lai sitting side by side. P at the airport reviewing troops and boarding Air Force One. P and Haldeman sitting next to each other on the plane talking and working.

Roll #: S-21
Can Markings: Winter 69-70, HRH, 13
Description: 1969 National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Shots of birds eating and bathing on the White House grounds. Arrival ceremony for Agnew. People in crowd holding sign reading, "Spiro is our Hero." Head of state visit by the prime minister of England. Ceremony on the White House lawn. P and PM seen in Lincoln sitting room. Red Skelton performing at the White House. P holding a White House press conference. Swearing-in ceremony at the White House for an unknown official. Swearing-in of David Eisenhower into the Navy(?) P arriving at an unknown airport large crowds wave and cheer. P in Chicago and touring the Hanover sewage treatment plant. Person in crowd holding a sign reading, "Sewage 10cents a cup." P in a meeting: unable to determine place.

Roll #: S-22
Can Markings: Fall 1969, HRH, 12
Description: Aerial footage of a dam. P and group visit dam for what appears to be a dedication ceremony. P speaks and hugs Mexican VIP. Footage that follows is dark and unrecognizable. Welcoming ceremony on the White House Lawn for Golda Meier. Meier speaks and then she and P go inside the White House. Shots of a squirrel on the WH grounds. P and FL speaking to a large group on the White House lawn. Welcoming ceremony for the president of France. P seen welcoming the leader of Romania. WH reception for the Apollo 11 astronauts. P in Florida. Shot of a rocket taking off. Aerial footage of Washington DC and the monuments. P at the WH receiving the annual Thanksgiving turkey. Head of state reception for the Prime Minister of Japan at the WH. Shots of a performance given at the WH hosted by Bob Hope.

Roll #: S-23
Can Markings: Soviet I
Description: P, FL and party boarding Air Force 1. Same group getting off Air Force One in Austria. Welcome ceremony at the airport. Shots of a suite of rooms tat appears to be where the Presidential party is staying. P, Kissinger and Austrian VIP sitting together talking and having photo shoot. Exterior shots of the Hotel Kobenzl. Various shots of gardens and buildings in Austria. Departure from Salzburg. Aerial shots of countryside. P is welcomed in the USSR. Motorcade shots of trip from airport. Meeting and photo op with P and Brezhnev. Moscow, red square, and the Kremlin shot from a rooftop or window. Great shots of Moscow and the Russian people.

Roll #: S-24
Can Markings: soviet II
Description: Great shots of Moscow: people, architecture, guards marching, etc. P and soviet official (Kosygin) at signing ceremony. The reel shows the same signing twice from two different cameras. Shots of P placing a wreath at the Russian tomb of the unknown soldier. Another shot of P and Kosygin signing. Lengthy shot of the Moscow circus including bears dancing and riding motorcycles. Daily Russian life at a shopping area. P and Brezhnev signing the SALT treaty.

Roll #: S-25
Can Markings: Soviet III
Description: Shots from a motorcade en route to an airport. P and party board an airplane. Aerial shots of an airport. Shots from a moving motorcade of a Russian city. (Moscow). P seen laying a wreath in a ceremony at a cemetery. More motorcade footage of Moscow. Shots of P at a meeting and the art work hanging in that building. Kissinger at a luncheon/dinner. Numerous shots of P entering a building and touring the building.(Shots are shaky and blurry) Nixon Staff watching P on television in Russia. (One staff member appears to be recording on a NAGRA) Shots of P taping the television appearance. P and FL in a receiving line and at a banquet.

Roll #: S-26
Can Markings: July #3
Description: Pat an unidentified airport. P at site of Hanna Milhous Nixon historic marker. P gives speech crowds applaud. P shakes hands and talks to crowd. P at a black tie dinner. Quick shot of P at an event for Mayor Richard Daley. P speaking to a group of senior citizens. P preparing for a speech with the declaration of Independence in the background. P with a children's group wearing a dark red blazer. P and children sign something then group is seen singing. Marine One lands and Henry Kissinger gets off and meets P. P and Kissinger drive off in a golf cart. Shots of P just before giving a TV speech. P in Canton , OH visiting the NFL hall of fame. . P giving a speech-n indication of place. P speaks to crowd and then goes out and shakes hands with people. Shots taken from immediately behind the president. P in a crowd in front of the Nashua City Hall building in Nashua , New Hampshire . P at a retirement home.

Roll #: S-27
Can Markings: Europe 1970 I, 1 of 6, HRH, #16
Description: P & FL preparing to board Air Force One. They shake hands with White House staff ,members and P speaks to Agnew. They wave and board the plane. P and staff land in land in Rome on Marine One. They tour a building and there are shots of guards and cavalry. Motorcade shots of Rome en route to the Vatican. P is welcomed by cardinals. Great shots of Rome and the Vatican from a rooftop. P meets with Pope then speaks to a small crowd. P seen leaving and he stops to stand on a car and wave to the crowd.

Roll #: S-28
Can Markings: Europe 1970 II, 2 of 6, HRH, #17
Description: P aboard a US aircraft carrier speaking to the sailors. Shots of sailors taking photos and film of the President. Several US ships pass and many with guns salute. P takes flight elevator to the hangar deck and reviews airplanes and munitions. P meets crew and shakes hands. Various shots of ships including a submarine submerging. Jets (F-4's & A-6's) shown taking off. A helicopter demonstrates a water rescue by pulling a man out of the water. Planes do a fly over in a diamond formation. Great shots of planes landing including a small AWACS plane. Last shot of P shaking hands with officers.

Roll #: S-29
Can Markings: Europe 1970 III, 3 of 6, HRH, #18
Description: Shot taken from a balcony of a wooded area and grounds surrounding a Hotel, P inside Marine One. P reviews troops from different nations including US Marines. Flags represented: Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, USA and Italy. P speaks to crowd, shakes hands with crowd and enters a building. Footage of a city taken from above. Aerial footage of the same city. (It appears to be Athens , Greece ) P and FL at a welcoming ceremony at an airport. Motorcade footage from the airport through the city. Motorcade stops at an airport and P shakes hands with crowd. More motorcade shots with crowds lining the streets. (This footage appears to have been shot in Yugoslavia.) P seen at an airport in Spain. P speaks to the crowd. Roll ends with motorcade shots in Spain.

Roll #: S-30
Can Markings: Spring 1970 B, HRH, #15
Description: Head of State visit by the leader of Indonesia. Cars arrive and VIP's are greeted by P & FL. Marine Band seen playing then P and Suharto make statements to the crowd assembled on the south lawn of the WH. They walk around the WH grounds and then are seen in the Lincoln sitting room. The next sequence is an identical ceremony but for a different head of state. P making a statement to the press outside the oval office. George Schultz also speaks. P in the oval office; a man enters and talks to P briefly. Another man enters and then leaves. P is then seen at a swearing in ceremony for the two men who were just in the oval office. Shot of the reception following the ceremony. Haldeman, Kissinger, and other staff aboard a helicopter/airplane. P shakes hands with crowd and then speaks from podium. More shots of P with the crowd. P seen in a motorcade waving to crowds. P seen at a campaign rally in Missouri; he speaks and waves to crowd. P at an airport he stops to speak to reporters and wave to crowd. Brief shot of John Ehrlichman on a beach. Most of this part of the reel focuses on a boat in a harbor. Last shot of P shaking hands with children.

Roll #: S-31
Can Markings: 500 VII
Description: P, FL and entourage getting off an Aeroflot airplane. Aerial footage as plane lands. P & FL getting off the same airplane. Motorcade footage as they drive through the city. P at a wreath laying ceremony. More motorcade footage as they travel to the airport. P & FL are presented with flowers. More aerial footage of a barren countryside. P & FL deplane and are given flowers. P reviews troops at the airport. Motorcade travels through crowd-lined streets and stops at a large arched monument. More motorcade footage; people holding signs welcoming Nixon. P & FL are greeted and are shown at a black tie event with the Shah of Iran. Brief shot of the banquet. Roll concludes with a shot of an interior room and surrounding grounds.

Roll #: S-32
Can Markings: #4
Description: Welcoming ceremony for P and family in Bangor, ME.Pspeaks to the crowd and shakes hands. David and Julie also seen shaking hands with crowd. Numerous shots of sail boats and a staff member next to the water. FL, Julie, and David briefly seen walking in the woods. P and entourage at an airport saying goodbye. A group of teen aged bicyclists rides up to the white House. P comes out and greets them. The kids ride around then enter the white House. Quick shot of P an a black tie event. Motorcade pulls up to a state capital building. P enters, speaks to assembly, then leaves. P speaks to crowd at what appears to be a state/county fair. P seen shaking hands in Idaho Falls , ID.

Roll #: S-33
Can Markings: Sept-Oct 71, #5
Description: Aerial shot of a mountain range. P & FL at an airfield shaking hands and taking pictures with welcomers. Dwight Chapin is seen using a large shoulder mounted film camera. P and family take boats across a lake. Brief shot of P speaking at the 72nd National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Welcoming ceremony for P at an airport. Sign reads "Welcome to Big Sky Country Mr. President." Another welcoming ceremony at an airport. Crowds carry signs protesting Nixon's trip to China. P and FL at an airport welcoming the Head of State of Japan Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka. P & FL seen sitting talking to PM and Mrs. Tanaka.

Roll #: S-34
Can Markings: Oct 71, #6
Description: Ppresenting a man with a medal at the White House; both men speak briefly. Car with US and unidentified flags pulls up to the White House. (Flag probably that of Laos) P & FL at the West Virginia forest festival, October 8,1971. P at the unveiling of a portrait of Congressman F. Edward Hebert of Louisiana. Shot of a WH staff member's office with the TV on: on two occasions a woman enters and looks at the camera. Kissinger, Ehrlichman and Schultz sitting at a table. Manolo Sanchez enters and serves food and removes plates. Large staff meeting being led by Kissinger. This is followed by shots of the people attending the meeting, standing around talking. Brief shot of P at a reception/party.

Roll #: S-35
Can Markings: Nov 71, #7
Description: Head of State visit ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House.(Appears to be for Tito of Yugoslavia) P and VIP sit in Lincoln sitting room for photo op. Head of State visit by Indira Ghandi of India on the south lawn of the White House. P at a wreath laying ceremony (?) Great shots of P at the Washington Redskins football practice with coach George Allen. P takes a picture with the team. P seen just prior to a press conference or Presidential statement, talking to people. P at a black tie event with Bob Hope. P & FL sitting with a little girl at the White House. P & FL meeting with Pat Boone and entourage at the White House.

Roll #: S-36
Can Markings: Dec 71 Summits
Description: Pin a crow: sign reads, "Base Area No.4 Ajes Terseira-Acores." P sitting on a couch talking to PM Dr. Marcello Caetano of Portugal. Aerial footage of fields and town. Motorcade footage with Nixon leaning out of the car and waving to crowd. P and VIP sit, talking during a photo-op. Shots of the city followed by more motorcade footage with P waving to the crowd. Departure ceremony in the Azores . P and others tour Concorde aircraft. Shots of troops marching and P sitting with French President Georges Pompidou. Numerous shots of P walking and talking; then he helps plant a tree ( Bermuda ). Marine One lands in Key Biscayne and P welcomes Willy Brandt. P and Brandt in photo op. P talking with Japanese PM Sato. Roll ends with P and Sato boarding Marine One.

Roll #: S-37
Can Markings: Dec 71, #8
Description: Pspeaking before a group of people. Crowd applauds as he leaves the stage. Shots of crowd and stage after hi departure. Brief shot of P and children. P participating in an awards ceremony for teenagers. Shots of a mostly teen crowd. P shakes hands with teens. P in a crowd- most of these shots are dark and too close up too see what is taking place. P at a swearing -in ceremony-both staff members and P speak. P in a photo-op with unidentified VIP and family. Quick shot of a black tie dinner at the White House. P meeting with unidentified VIP in the Lincoln sitting room.

Roll #: S-38
Can Markings: 4817, 2 of 2, 24, Apr 71
Description: Plane taxiing; P & FL greet plane passengers for a Head of State visit. (Plane says Chihuahua) P shown in receiving line. Motorcade shots. Scenes in a tropical area. P and FL board marine one. P taking a tour of a city monument.(?) P speaking to a large crowd. Two people hold up an anti-war sign. P leaving- crowd surrounds him , he shakes hands. P & FL in a receiving line. Motorcade shots of people along roadside. A quick shot that appears to have been taken from inside the UN building looking out. Head of State visit: welcome on the south lawn of the white House and then P and VIP (?) are shown in Lincoln sitting room. P signing ceremony. Motorcade shots of Paris streets, Seine , and Notre Dame. Shot of the Eiffel tower. Head of State visit on the south lawn of the White House-UK flag flying. P & FL and UK VIP shown on WH balcony waving. (Christmas decorations hang from the WH)

Roll #: S-39
Can Markings: Campaign 72
Description: Pat an airport welcoming ceremony with a large crowd holding signs. Great shots of P shaking hands with crowd. Singing group performs for P & FL. Shots of the convention floor and P shaking hands in a receiving line. P and family at a campaign rally. P & FL arrive at an airport and welcomed by crowd holding signs. Various shots of P with Nixon supporters. P in an open car waving to people lining the streets. P in New York at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Numerous shots of P with crowds in New York City. Roll ends with people protesting outside the building where P and staff are staying.

Roll #: S-40
Can Markings: r
Description: P speaking to a group of workers in hard hats. (It appears to be a shipyard) Haldeman having make-up applied to his face. Barbara Walters seen talking to John Mitchell. P in the Oval Office pinning a medal on an army officer and the posing for a picture with his family. Quick shots of: 1.Psigning ceremony in the Oval Office 2. P in the Oval Office with Pearl Bailey. 3. A fireplace(?) P at a speaking engagement (?) shots of what appears to be a treaty negotiation. P in Canada meeting with Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau. Various shots of the Capital city Ottawa. P speaking to the Canadian parliament. P taking a picture with Chinese men and women. Brief shot of an airport. Motorcade travels down street lined with police officers.

Roll #: S-41
Can Markings: Campaign 70 II, #2
Description: P seen at a large political rally speaking. Another rally, this one in Palm Beach County . P speaking at a campaign event. Motorcade footage- quick shot of P speaking- shots of a motorcade policeman who has crashed during the motorcade. P at an outdoor rally speaking. Long sequence of P shaking hands with crowd. This reel is comprised of numerous shots of Nixon at different campaign events. He is shown either speaking or interacting with the crowd. The locations are impossible to identify except for one in Arizona and another that appears to be in Las Vegas.

Roll #: S-42
Can Markings: Spring-Summer 72
Description: Three swearing-in ceremonies: one for George Schultz, one for Caspar Weinberger, and the third for an unidentified man. P present for all three. Head of State visit by unidentified VIP. P and leader speak then are seen in the Lincoln sitting room during photo op. P & FL getting off Air Force One. Short motorcade shot, then shots of a reception. (No location indicated) P with visiting head of state (Possibly Japan), appears to be in San Clemente. P at a Navy/Marine base. P pins a medal on a Naval officer. Shots of troops parading. P and family in boats below the Golden Gate Bridge . Aerial shots of San Francisco and a brief shot of P speaking. P at the White House at a signing ceremony (possibly SALT)

Roll #: S-43
Can Markings: Campaign 70 I, #1
Description: Motorcade footage: P & FL standing and waving to crowds. P shakes hands with people lining the streets. Motorcade stops and P meets people in crowd. More moving motorcade shots with P waving. P and family in boats. P at a podium speaking to crowd. First family sitting on the dais. P inside speaking to a crowd. Sign reads, " Vermont welcomes President Nixon." Aerial footage of a US city. P speaking to a crowd at a political rally. Welcome ceremony for P. Shots of P at campaign rallies.

Roll #: S-44
Can Markings: 500 V
Description: Pat a wreath laying ceremony in Iran. P and shah of Iran meet and enter a building. Shots of a street and market: daily life in Iran. Aerial footage followed by a welcoming ceremony for P in Poland. P reviews troops as they march past. Motorcade footage as cars travel through city streets lined with people. P at a wreath laying ceremony. Shots of large crowd pushing to get closer to P. Police have to hold people back. P waves to crowd. P sitting with polish leader. More motorcade shots and general footage end the reel.

Roll #: S-45
Can Markings: Haldeman Roll#3, USNPC Super8, #6, 1969-Asia 3
Description: P and FL in Thailand shaking hands with well-wishers. Motorcade shots travelling through the city. Shots of Thai architecture. Motorcade en route to Thai palace. P and FL meeting with Thais leader and his wife. Shot of a baby elephant on palace grounds. P welcoming ceremony in India. Motorcade and general shots of trip. Wreath laying ceremony in a cemetery. (no location indicated) P shown planting and watering a tree/plant. Farewell at Indian airport. Welcome ceremony in Pakistan. Motorcade footage with streets lined with people. Head of state reception for P includes shots of traditional Pakistani dance. Roll ends with motorcade and farewell at the airport.

Roll #: S-46
Can Markings: USNPC 105775, r1of2 super8, Nixon in Europe , #2
Description: Welcoming ceremony for P in France. Motorcade leaves airport and travels through Paris. P enters unknown building. Motorcade travels through Paris down the Champs E'llysees and stops at the Arc de Trioumphe. P talks to French veterans and crowd. Numerous shots of P and group visiting Versailles. Shots of a French market with artists. Departure from France. Marine One lands in St. Peter's square at the Vatican. P is welcomed by Cardinals. P and group seen inside the Vatican. Shots of St. Peter's square taken from high inside the Vatican looking down. P speaks to crowd then seen departing from square.

Roll #: S-47
Can Markings: Haldeman NPC Super8, #9
Description: Shots of Dwight Chapin at his desk followed by an event on the WH lawn. P speaks then exits with FL. P meets foreign dignitary. (This appears to be a head of state visit. The flag on the VIP's car has three horizontal stripes with red, green, and blue/black, from top to bottom.) Brief shot of P sitting next to J. Edgar Hoover while two unidentified men speak. Head of State visit to the WH by Emperor Haille Selassie of Ethiopia. P and Selassie exit the WH and Selassie gets into a car. Quick clip of commendation or retirement ceremony at the WH. Head of State visit by German PM. Ceremony and photo op at the WH (appears to be a cabinet photo) P and family host a party in San Clemente- people arrive and are greeted by P; P shown driving around in a golf cart. P, FL, and others are welcomed by a crowd at an airport. Group then shown in redwood forest. P seen speaking at a podium made from a redwood trunk. After speaking P sits down and signs an act/bill. Several quick clip of various events are followed by a shot of Marine One in a mountainous region. Motorcade footage shows the car entering a tunnel marked, "NORAD COMSAT detection center." Last shots are of P in San Clemente.

Roll #: S-48
Can Markings: Armed Forces Day 1969, Air Force Academy , 8
Description: Ceremony on the WH lawn. P places medal around mans neck. Appears to be the congressional medal of honor. Great shots from Marine one as the helicopter circles an aircraft carrier and then lands. Numerous aerial shot of other Navy ships in the area. P speaks to crew and then tours flight deck. Shots of a distant ship that is firing rockets. P watches as F-4's A-6's and other aircraft take off and land. Planes demonstrate strafing and bombing. Explosions are seen in the water. Planes do a fly over. The rest of the roll shows P at the commencement ceremony at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs , CO .

Roll #: S-49
Can Markings: March 1969,White House, Key Biscayne, Independence
Description: Car approaches WH. Shots of Dwight Chapin in the WH. P appears an the WH lawn and enters Marine One. Marine One takes off and leaves. Brief shot P awarding some Army men what appears to be the Bronze star. Marine One approaches with Washington Monument in the background. Shots of King Timahoe waiting outside the WH for P. Shots of Ehrlichman, Kissinger and Chapin on the beach in Key Biscayne sunbathing. Aerial footage of the Florida Keys . Head of State visit by PM of Canada Pierre Trudeau. Welcoming ceremony for P and FL at an airport. P speaks to crowd. P then seen with former President Harry Truman. Both seen at the Truman Library. P sits down and plays the piano. During departure P shakes hands with soldiers and crowd. More footage of Canadian head of state visit. P and Canadian PM seen in the WH. Brief shot of an awards ceremony at the WH. P presents children with awards. Shot of Canadian PM getting into a car.

Roll #: S-50
Can Markings: 7, 1969 Asia 4, Bucharest-England-Home
Description: Welcoming ceremony for P at an airport in Bucharest , Romania . Motorcade footage of streets lined with people. Crowds push to get a view of P. P waves to crowd. Numerous shots of Romania including crowds, an amusement park/fair, and Nixon Staff members walking in crowds. P at an event where people demonstrate traditional Romanian folk dancing. More motorcade footage leading to P's departure from Romania. Brief shot in another country (presumably England based on the can information). P back in the US is welcomed by family and staff.

Roll #: S-51
Can Markings: Trip to Midway Roll #2, US NPC, P#5540 P#5592
Description: P and staff deplaning and meeting crowd at Joe Foss Field. Brief Aerial shot of a farm field into which someone has mowed the word "Hi Nixon". Crowd scene with P first speaking and then waving to the crowd. P then walks across the tarmac while military units stand at attention. Numerous shots of P with the crowd shaking hands with children and others. P in a motorcade standing in the car waving to the crowd. P and family landing at an airport in Hawaii. Family members are presented with lei's and watch hula dancers. Aerial shots of Hawaii interspersed with shots of P, FL, and staff in Hawaii. Dark shot of Kissinger and others aboard Air Force One. P at an airport greeting a foreign Dignitary (Asian). Shot of FL looking at a bird (seagull or booby). Then shots of a baby bird being photographed. More shots of P with unidentified foreign dignitary. Both are shown speaking into microphones. P and VIP exit and there are groups of sailors waiting for them. P and group then departs. Roll ends with different aerial shots of unidentified landscape.

Roll #: S-52
Can Markings: 1969 Asia I SF-Hornet-Guam-Manila
Description: Shots of P on the phone in an office at the White House. Staff member shoots the script of P's speech to the nation concerning the trip to the moon with an 8mm camera. Great shots of P on the phone presumably talking to the Apollo 11 astronauts. Shots of crowded San Francisco streets as reporters and the public try to get close to P. Great shots aboard the USS Hornet as P waits for the astronauts then talks to Neil Armstrong as he is in an isolation chamber. P and FL are welcomed at an airport in Guam . Shots of P arriving in the Philippines. Motorcade footage as P travels to a meeting with Ferdinand Marcos. Last shot is of the departure ceremony at the Manila airport.

Roll #: S-53
Can Markings: March 28-May23 1969 at the WH, #10, WO 105774
Description: Long motorcade shot of P Eisenhower's funeral procession. Two quick shots of foreign dignitaries visiting the WH. The first is the PM of France and the second a VIP from Germany. Shot of a receiving line with P & FL perhaps related to the Eisenhower funeral. Head of State visit on the south lawn of the WH for King Hussein of Jordan. Shots of the WH grounds and a reception being held outside the Oval Office. P and FL give a woman and a girl a tour of the WH grounds. Brief shot of P at what appears to be Camp David . Aerial shot taken from Presidential helicopter . Camera focuses on the Watergate complex and the monuments. Footage of Duke Ellington at the WH and the evening held to honor him. P shown at the piano. Two quick shots of P speaking to the press and introducing a staff member. Roll ends with an event being held on the WH lawn.

Roll #: S-54
Can Markings: 1969 Asia 2 Indonesia-Thailand-Vietnam, #5,
Description: Welcome ceremony for P at an airport in Indonesia. P welcomed by Suharto. Numerous shots of P and FL with Suharto in crowds and viewing Indonesian dancers. Motorcade footage as P and staff travel through Indonesian countryside. Departure ceremony in Indonesia. Welcoming for P and FL in Thailand. Motorcade passes sign reading, "Warm welcome to Mr. President and Mrs. Nixon - Timland." Numerous shots from the motorcade of Thailand including signs welcoming P and Thai architecture. Aerial footage from Air Force One prior to landing in Vietnam. Welcoming ceremony for P at Tan Son Nhut Air Base. Aerial shots from presidential helicopters as P is en route to meet with US service men in Vietnam. Great shots of P meeting with servicemen. Sign painted on antiaircraft gun reads, "Vietcong For Lunch." Roll ends with more shots of P with troops and aerial footage of Presidential helicopter leaving with Huey escort.

Roll #: S-55
Can Markings: US NPC 105775, R 2 of 2, Super8 319ft, Europe
Description: P shown leaving a building and travelling via motorcade to an airport Crowds cheer and wave US flags. Motorcade shots as R leaves the airport. Crowds line streets. One sign reads, "Open the wall Richard-Junge union Berlin." P and motorcade travel through Berlin as thousands of people line the streets with signs and waving. P shown waving to crowds and inside speaking briefly with West German dignitaries. P at the airport boarding Air Force One. P welcomed in Italy. Motorcade travels through Rome and passes the Coliseum and other prominent landmarks. Shots of St. Peter's square in the Vatican. Roll ends with shots of an airport.

[NOTE: S-56 through S204 where retainable under NARA regulations, are contained in the "C Compilation Rolls" section in this finding aid.]

Roll #: S-205
Can Markings: January 13, 1973 Film - St. Nom la Breteche, France
Description: Appears to be camera original film of Kissinger, with Winston Lord and other negotiators meeting with the North Vietnamese at one of the final sessions of the "Paris Peace Talks".
Remarks: This was a roll of 16 mm camera original film of unknown origin, found in the same box with the Ehrlichman Super 8 films.

"C Compilation Reels"

The balance of the 204 rolls of Super 8 film were short work prints of 50' in length made from camera original rolls. A number of these rolls were identified by the processing archivist as being personal and private in nature and were not reproduced. These compilations were created by combining several short camera rolls that were apparently related by content, date or "cameraman". Other than materials withdrawn per our regulations (see above), no editing has been done to these rolls.

Roll #: C-1
[S-56] RN speaking to a crowd an airfield with a sign reading, "Lloyd flying service." RN taking a tour of the Hanover Sewage Treatment Plant. Brief shot of the Presidential helicopters in the snow.

[S-57] Footage from a motorcade of a city and boats shooting water into the air. Large crowd scene. RN stands on a car and speaks to crowd. No location indicated.

[ S-58] Reception for PM Heath of Great Britain on the South Lawn of the White House.

[S-59] RN at an outdoor event at an unidentifiable location. Aerial footage of what appears to be a radar/radio transmission station and the ( California?) coast.

[S-78] RN speaking at a microphone with several men on stage behind him. Shots of people exiting a building in Chicago. Shots of unknown people at an airport.

[ S-80] Brief shot of people boarding a small plane in a mountainous area. Head of state visit by the Prime Minister of France on the south lawn of the White House.

[ S-81] Head of State visit on the South Lawn of the White House for foreign dignitary.(possibly French prime Minister)

Roll #: C-2
[S-63] Aerial footage of Washington DC . Helicopter lands and RN is presented with a turkey. Head of State reception on the South Lawn of the White House for PM Sato of Japan.

[S-64] An evening of entertainment at the White House with Bob Hope as the emcee. Several women perform then RN makes a statement.

[ S-65] Head of State reception on the south lawn of the White House for an Asian VIP. Shots of an evening of entertainment at the White House emceed by Bob Hope.

[ S-66] Air Force One parked at an airport then take-off shown from inside the airplane. Crowds of people waiting for a rocket to launch. Great shot of rocket launching in the distance.

[ S-67] Brief shot of the reception for the Apollo 11 astronauts on the south lawn of the White House. RN shown attending the launch of a rocket. Aerial footage of Washington DC.

[ S-68] Head of state visit on the south lawn of the White House for the leader of the Netherlands(?)

[ S-69] Reception at the White House for the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Roll #: C-3
[S-70] Shots of RN on the Phone in the Oval Office talking to the Apollo 11 astronauts. Camera focuses on a TV screen showing Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. More shots of RN on the phone. The roll ends with a man speaking into a microphone with RN off the side.

[S-71] Shots of the Head of State visit by Haille Selassie of Ethiopia. RN and Selassie seen speaking and outside the White House walking on the WH grounds. Brief shot of an awards ceremony(?) at the White House. RN speaking to crowd and then an Air Force man takes the microphone. Roll ends with a quick shot of RN in the Oval Office.

[ S-72] [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL – RESTRICTION CODE "G"]Roll ends with a shot of a car pulling up to the White House. RN is waiting and when the car stops Haille Selassie gets out.

Roll #: C-4
[S-84] [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL – RESTRICTION CODE "G"] RN and PN get into a golf cart and when a Presidential helicopter lands they drive over to the helipad and greet people.

[S-85] Henry Kissinger seen boarding Air Force One. Aerial footage shot through the cockpit window. Brief shot of RN and family getting off of Marine One and getting into cars.

[ S-86] Motorcade footage as cars travels down a San Francisco street. Shots of people in the street in front of the Saint Francis Hotel.

[ S-87] Kissinger and other staff members seen getting into cars at an airfield. Sign at the field reads, "Sixth US Army Det Welcomes you to the Presidio of San Francisco." Motorcade passes a sign welcoming RN and PN to San Francisco. RN and PN shown shaking hands and waving to crowds at a welcoming ceremony.

[ S-88] RN and PN seen talking to crowd at an airfield/helipad. RN and family seen driving in golf carts.

[ S-89] RN and PN at a Head of State reception in (California) for the leader of South Korea. Roll ends with a brief motorcade shot.

[ S-90] RN, Kissinger, and other staff members shown outside the Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco. RN shakes hands with people in the large crowd outside the hotel.

[ S-91] Long motorcade shot en route to a San Francisco area airport. Upon arrival people shown boarding Air Force One

[ S-92] Welcoming ceremony for the President at an airport. Sign Reads, "Welcome Mr. President - Turtle Rock."

[ S-93] Shot of a fireworks display. Interior shots from an airplane. Brief shot of Presidential party at Hamilton AFB. Aerial footage of the California coastline and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Roll #: C-5
[S-94] Welcoming ceremony for RN at Joe Foss Field in Sioux Falls.

[S-95] Footage of RN's trip to the Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado Springs, CO.

[S-96] Continuation of RN's trip to the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs, CO. Shots of the US Air Force Thunderbirds flying overhead.

[ S-97] Footage of the US Air Force Thunderbirds performing after the US Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony.

[ S-98] Welcoming ceremony for RN and family in Hawaii. Aerial shots of Hawaii taken from Marine One.

[ S-99] Continuation of M-7 (Super8 #S-98) RN and family being welcomed in Hawaii. Aerial footage of the Hawaiian coast and a woman in a lagoon w/dolphins. People seen walking on the Beach carrying a sign that reads, "NIX ON WAR." End of roll consists of short aerial and motorcade clips.

[ S-100] Aerial footage of Midway Island in the South Pacific. RN and entourage deplane and are welcomed.

Roll #: C-6
[S-101] Continuation of Super8 #100. RN seen at a podium then touring facilities at Midway Air Station, Midway Island . RN shakes hands with sailors and awaits the arrival of a foreign dignitary.

[S-102] Shots of Midway Island and a man taking pictures of a bird (Blue Footed Booby?)

[ S-103] Shots of Midway Island and the quarters where the RN and President Thieu of Vietnam are staying. RN and Thieu shown talking to the press.

[ S-104] Brief shot of Nixon Staff members on the beach on Midway island. RN and President Thieu of Vietnam speaking to the press. Motorcade footage en route to the Midway Air Field. Beginning of a farewell ceremony for President Thieu.

[ S-105] Aerial footage of a tropical island at dusk. Footage of Hawaii taken from a hotel balcony.

[ S-106] Aerial footage, landing, and welcoming ceremony at Hickam AFB, Hawaii.

[ S-107] Aerial footage of the Presidential helicopters flying over Washington DC and the monuments. Helicopters land at the White House. Welcoming ceremony for RN and family at the White House.

Roll #: C-7
[S-108] aerial photography of demonstrations in Washington (shot from helicopter?), shot of the White House from Lafayette Park, ringed by buses, underexposed shots of a map(?)

[S-109] more aerial footage of demonstrations in Washington , D.C.

[ S-110] more aerial footage of demonstrations in Washington , D.C.

[ S-111] Pres. And Mrs. Nixon visiting a space control center (Johnson space flight center?), more aerials of a demonstration in Washington

[ S-119] south lawn HOS arrival ceremony, Army Old Guard, unidentified HOS with RN leaving(?) the reviewing stand, N side of the WH, demonstrators on front walk wearing signs with names on them (casualties? POW's?), aerial shots from helicopter, (sign) "Welcome to Patrick AFB", friendly crowds (welcoming P?)

[ S-112] Ziegler, Haldeman, other staff meeting around a work table; HOS arrival ceremony at WH for an unidentified European HOS

[ S-116] Arrival ceremony in Miami, friendly crowd with signs, Ziegler & family; Julie, David and Tricia "work the fence line"; Mrs. N works the fence, RN works the crowd, P's party walks off

[ S-117] shot of 5 television monitors, Washington monument from s. grounds, zoom from s grounds to busses, demonstrators beyond, Jefferson Memorial beyond that; [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "A"] , SS agent nearby; various of WH police outfitted with helmets and clubs

Roll #: C-8
[S-121] helicopters over head, demonstrations in DC, good shots of the crowd and signs

[ S-123] Fire engines outside WH grounds, arrival ceremony on South Lawn of WH for the Shah of Iran [S-125] South Lawn HOS arrival ceremony, helicopter lands, P's party walks to WH, zoom to medium shot of Agnew standing along side the red carpet, foreign HOS arrives by car [S-127] HOS arrival ceremony on S. lawn of WH, RN and foreign HOS on the reviewing stand, foreign HOS remarks, HOS (now identifiable as W. German chancellor Willy Brandt) & P walk to the WH, shots of unidentified women (Ehrlichman's wife and others?) in crowd, Old Guard at parade rest

[ S-129] HOS arrival, possibly Sukarno of Indonesia ; P & foreign HOS on reviewing stand; CU of women in the crowd, poss. Ehrlichman's family & friends; P & Sukarno walk down red carpet toward WH; CU of Ehrlichman and woman (wife?); various staff in crowd, incl. Haldeman; Oval Office photo opp with Sukarno; women outside doorway to Oval Office

Roll # C-9
[S-133] HOS (possibly Sukarno of Indonesia) arrival ceremony on the south lawn of the White House, P & HOS review troops, drills and bands, HOS remarks

[S-136] HOS arrival ceremony on south lawn of WH, P and Mrs. Nixon walk out, foreign HOS arrives by car; walk to reviewing stand

[ S-135] RN Press conference or briefing of some sort in the East Room

[ S-138] RN press briefing

[ S-139] RN press briefing

[ S-142] seal of the POTUS on a wall in a room; HOS arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the WH, Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the crowd, HOS (possibly Heath? PM of UK) arrives by car, gun salute, reviewing stand watching drills and bands, remarks

Roll #: C-10
[S-143] RN in Hawaii honoring Apollo 13 astronauts, scenes from the staff's quarters in Hawaii (outside of hotel, shot from a balcony), hula girls welcome the P's limousine

[S-144] P & Haldeman outside on the South Lawn on wicker chairs; view from airplane, CU of some kind of document, Ziegler dozing on AF 1, Haldeman & other staff on AF1, shot of landing approach from a window, arrival at Hickam Field, Hawaii; Apollo 13 wives reunited with husbands, shot of Space Medal of Freedom award

[ S-149] winter cabin (Camp David?) with unidentified figure walking in foreground, underexposed interior seq. appears to be of bowling, helicopter boarding in early morning, too dark to recognize principles, sign on con tower reads "MCAS El Toro welcomes Mr. President", P arrival ceremony, P, Mrs. Nixon, Tricia greet well-wishers; aerials of mountains

[ S-151] aerial shots of the Calif. coast, a boat at sea, sign on roof reading "Stay & Play at San Clemente", tail section of AF2600 (AF-1), pan down to two unidentified women at foot of boarding ramp, Herb Klein and other staff wave to camera, Rosemary Woods at top of ramp, P, Mrs. Nixon and Tricia walk from helicopter, sign on con tower reads "MCAS El Toro: Happy Birthday Mr. President"

[ S-159] Haldeman walking to work in Key Biscayne, shots of houses on the water, Haldeman on boat (wearing shades) with Navy or Coast Guard pilots, Haldeman boarding helicopter; Rosemary Woods and unidentified man at San Clemente, P in golf cart, P & Rogers (?) go for a walk, P, Rogers, Kissinger confer

[ S-161] unidentified men outside a house, helicopter on pad, staff member (Herb Stein?), more staff, Agnew disembarks from helicopter, another helicopter lands, unidentified staff comes out, more staff in parking lot, Ehrlichman walking w/camera, more unidentified staff, incl. George Schultz, Haldeman

[ S-164] helicopter coming in, P & FL in golf cart, LBJ & family disembarking from helicopter in San Clemente, CU of dash of golf cart (?), MS of Ziegler walking in SC compound, [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "G"]

[S-165] P speaking w/wheelchair bound man in parking area in San Clemente, w/several unidentified individuals looking on, examines painting, presented w/rifle in display case, various shots of San Clemente compound, helicopter in flight, aerials of California coastline

Roll #: C-11
[S-168] staff members assembled on South Lawn, zoom to Jefferson Memorial, departure ceremony, interiors of helicopter, AF-1 exteriors at Andrews, crowds of well-wishers, aerials in FL, Apollo rocket on gantry, Kissinger in crowd, out of focus, helicopter over WH, WH exteriors

[S-169] aerials in Calif., interior of helicopter, aerials of landing approach, children playing in fenced yard cutaway to friends, family of E; P giving a public statement outside WH

[ S-171] helicopter coming in for landing on South Lawn, demonstrators in DC, good shots of demonstrators and signs

[ S-172] more demonstrators, signs, cutaway to government workers watching from upper floors of office buildings, demonstrators w/Capitol building in BG, VC flags, Ziegler with demonstrators

[ S-173] more demonstrators, signs, cutaway to government workers watching from upper floors of office buildings, demonstrators w/Capitol building in BG, VC flags, Ziegler with demonstrators

[ S-174] [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "G" ]; P & FL walking from West Wing, HOS arrives by car, crowds around P & HOS, South Lawn arrival ceremony

[ S-175] Kissinger & Laird in FG in Rose Garden, P makes a public statement w/Rogers, Kissinger, in BG, cutaways to OEOB, WH, zoom into P briefing in front of West Wing, w/Shah of Iran, CU on handshake

Roll #: C-12
[S-177] unidentified staff on steps from Truman balcony, south lawn HOS arrival ceremony w/Washington monument in background, more of staff on steps, CU of Ziegler, Rogers and Mrs. Rogers, P & Mrs. Nixon walk down driveway, P & Chancellor Willy Brandt of W. Germany at the reviewing stand, CU of Kissinger conferring w/unidentified man, Haldeman in crowd, filming, Jefferson Memorial in BG, P & Brandt on reviewing stand, Brandt remarks, walk back to WH, more staffers on steps

[ S-178] [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "G"] , children & Mrs. Ehrlichman leaving EOB, walking on south lawn, military band playing, Easter Bunny, Easter Egg hunt, Army Old Guard drill

[ S-179] brief unidentified wooded scene, south lawn HOS arrival ceremony, P & Mrs. Nixon walk down drive, German flag flying, P & Mrs. Nixon meet Chancellor Willy Brandt at car, P & Brandt on reviewing stand

[ S-180] more HOS arrival ceremony, P & Brandt reviewing troops, Haldeman in crowd, P's remarks

[ S-183] shots of a map titled "Mass March and Rally, Nov. 15, 10 AM - 5 PM ", [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "G"]

[ S-185] aerials of California, staff disembarks from helicopters in San Clemente, hummingbird at a hummingbird feeder, AF-1 at an airbase w/staff around it, ramp reads "Laughlin AFB", CU of woman (possibly Martha Mitchell)

[ S-186] aerials of a dam, helicopter lands, P's party drives to dam, dedication ceremony

[ S-187] P. meeting with Pres. of Mexico (possibly at a border crossing), helicopter near dam site, diorama of some sort, Ehrlichman in crowd, P w/Pres. of Mexico

[ S-188] helicopter at San Clemente, w/golf carts driving up to it, staff member snaps still photo, P's party disembarks (out of focus), staff in parking lot, arrival ceremony (helicopter in BG) at unknown location, artillery piece firing, P reviews honor guard

Roll #: C-13
[S-189] military aide waiting in the West Wing portico, P comes out and addresses small group, Senator Goldwater, Haldeman, Secretary Laird, Ziegler cutaways, more P speaking, unidentified staff in a conference room

[S-190] Walter Cronkite on TV, astronauts on TV, shots of staff in various offices, incl. Haldeman, Ziegler, Chapin, more CBS coverage of a lunar mission, RN preparing for TV address

[ S-191] more of P preparing for TV address, TV monitor (showing the moon?), cu of document (unreadable), Haldeman in an office, lifts movie camera to face, more of document, P phone call to astronauts on the moon on TV monitor, TV cameras in Oval Office, P on phone, press taking stills, more cutaways of video and film cameras in the Oval Office, including Haldeman

[ S-192] Chapin's wife (?) holding a child, helicopter with Marine guards, more of Chapin's wife and child, Chapin's family boards helicopter, interiors of the children in the helicopter, [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "G"]

[ S-193] more children poolside, Higby (?) skeet-shooting, deer on a lawn at Camp David, Camp David sign, driveway, [WITHDRAWN MATERIAL - RESTRICTION CODE "A"] , man bicycling, Haldeman in shorts, helicopter ride out w/other staff and families

[ S-196] camera setup outside WH, P remarks on the south lawn, cutaways to staff members, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, LS zoom in view of cameras filming P's remarks, limousines lined up outside the WH, P awards a medal or promotion to unidentified military man

[ S-201] 17th street side of the EOB, P speaking in front of West Wing with Secretary Rogers, Japanese individuals. In BG, P & Japanese HOS walking on south lawn, Old Guard ceremonial drill, car w/Japanese flag drives up, CU of a document (unreadable)

Roll #: C-14
[S-203] military marching band performing on the south lawn of the WH, cub scouts watching, marine honor guard drilling, w/helicopter in BG

[S-204] south lawn, HOS arrival ceremony for the Shah of Iran, Ollie Atkins taking pictures, shots of WH grounds, P & Shah walk back to WH, more military drills



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