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WHCA Sound Recordings Collection: January 11, 2010 Supplemental Release

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White House Communications Agency Sound Recordings
Supplemental Release, January 11, 2010

Unless otherwise noted, these recordings are released in full.

The "B" Series consists of remarks, briefing, and interviews by the Vice President of the United States during the Nixon administration. Recording of Spiro T. Agnew began January 20, 1969 and concluded September 29, 1973. Recordings of Gerald R. Ford began December 6, 1973 and concluded August 9, 1974. The time given is of the length of the Vice President’s remarks.

File/ID Number:  B-049
Date:  1/10/1970
Tape Contents: Speeches by Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on occasion of the Vice Presidentís visit to Singapore. Prime Minister Lee comments on US policy in Southeast Asia.
Program Time: 09:12

File/ID Number:  B-050
Date:  1/11/1970
Tape Contents: Presentation of Moon Rocks to the people of Indonesia by Vice President Agnew and Astronaut Colonel Thomas P. Stafford (Apollo 10) at the Indonesia Intercon Hotel w/ a response by the Foreign Minister of Indonesia.
Program Time: 00:45

File/ID Number:  B-053
Date:  1/14/1970
Tape Contents: Presentation of Moon Rocks by Vice President Agnew and Astronaut Colonel Thomas P. Stafford (Apollo 10) to the people of Australia w/ a response by Prime Minister John G. Gorton of Australia. Canberra, Australia.
Program Time: 01:15

The "H" Series consists of briefings, remarks, and interviews involving members of the White House staff. Usually, a White House press officer was present, and occasionally officials from agencies or Cabinet Departments participated. Other participants include governors, mayors, members of Congress, and private citizens. The series began February 5, 1969, and it concluded February 23, 1973.

File/ID Number:  H-189
Date:  6/3/1970
Tape Contents: John D. Ehrlichman briefing for high school students from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington in the wake of the Kent State tragedy.
Program Time: 65:00

The "P" Series contains recordings of President Nixon's public or formal appearances, such as speeches, Dinners at the White House, and comments to groups or individuals. While the times given reflect the length of the President's remarks; the White House Communications Agency ("WHCA") usually recorded the entire event, not just the President's remarks. The tapes span the dates January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974. Transcripts of the President's remarks can often be found in The Public Papers of the Presidents, bound volumes published annually by the Government Printing Office.

WHCA numbered the tapes sequentially within each month. In order to create an overall numbering system to encompass all of the 1585 tapes in this series, the National Archives modified WHCA's system. Each tape now is identified by a six-digit number. The first two digits indicate the year; the second two digits, the month; and the last two digits are WHCA's number. Thus, the first tape recorded in January 1969 bears the number 690101. This number should not be confused with the date; P-690101 was recorded on January 20, 1969.

File/ID Number:  P-690716
Date:  7/22/1969
Tape Contents: Remarks at Congressional breakfast on the surtax and the Presidentís forthcoming foreign trip w/Secretary of the Treasury David Kennedy, and former Secretaries of the Treasury Robert Anderson, C. Douglas Dillon, Henry Fowler and Congressman Hale Boggs and Senator Mike Mansfield.
Program Time: 34:16 [of the Presidentís remarks; the recording is much longer]
Three excisions for reasons of national security, totaling 2 minutes and 49 seconds.

File/ID Number:  P-690808
Date:  8/3/1969
Tape Contents: Remarks at lunch given for President Nicolae Ceausescu of the Socialist republic of Romania, w/President Ceausescu in Bucharest, Romania.
Program Time: 04:05

File/ID Number:  P-700103
Date:  1/7/1970
Tape Contents: Telephone conversation w/King Hassan II of Morocco
Program Time: 03:17

File/ID Number:  P-700912
Date:  9/24/1970
Tape Contents: Remarks at stag dinner for businessmen w/Henry A. Kissinger, Herbert Stein
Program Time: 55:34

File/ID Number:  P-701111
Date:  11/19/1970
Tape Contents: Remarks in toast to Ash Council
Program Time: 22:02

File/ID Number:  P-701222
Date:  12/21/1970
Tape Contents: Remarks to Cabinet and sub-Cabinet group w/ Secretary of State William Rogers, George Shultz and Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Program Time: 11:54 [of the Presidentís remarks; the recording is much longer]
Three excisions for reasons of national security, totaling 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

File/ID Number:  P-710406
Date:  4/8/1971
Tape Contents: Remarks at stag dinner for Illinois Republicans w/Senator Charles Percy, Clem Stone, Jay Schiller, Leonard Lavey, Governor Richard Ogilvie
Program Time: 34:20

File/ID Number:  P-710622
Date:  6/22/1971
Tape Contents: Remarks about Vietnam at Black-tie event for community leaders
Program Time: 33:52

File/ID Number:  P-710631
Date:  6/28/1971
Tape Contents: Remarks to Chowder and Marching Society
Program Time: 21:00

File/ID Number:  P-710701
Date:  7/2/1971
Tape Contents: Remarks at dinner for Mrs. Juan Velasco of Peru w/Ambassador Bercke Meyer
Program Time: 06:25

File/ID Number:  P-711020
Date:  10/28/1971
Tape Contents: Exchange of toasts with the President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito on the occasion of the Yugoslav Presidentís state visit to the United States, October 28, 1971.
Program Time: 05:39

File/ID Number:  P-711206
Date:  12/6/1971
Tape Contents: Exchange of toasts with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau on the occasion of the Canadian prime ministerís visit to the United States, Washington, December 6, 1971.
Program Time: 04:58

File/ID Number:  P-720221
Date:  2/1/1972
Tape Contents: Toast for Republican Governors w/Govs. Ronald Reagan of California, Nelson Rockefeller of New York, Linwood Holton of Virginia, and William Milliken of Michigan. Governor Holton describes the challenge of de-segregating Virginiaís schools.
Program Time: 33:16

File/ID Number:  P-720405
Date:  4/13/1972
Tape Contents: Exchange of toasts at state dinner with Canadian Governor General Roland Michener on the occasion of the Presidentís state visit to Canada, Ottawa April 5, 1972.
Program Time: 13:15



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