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Series "J"   –   White House Entertainment

The "J" Series contains recordings of performances in the White House (such as at dinners) by various artists and groups. These recordings were made between April 29, 1969 and February 23, 1971. The quality of these tapes may be notably inferior to that of performances recorded professionally in a studio. See a March 8, 1973 memo from Stephen Bull regarding recording equipment for White House entertainment Adobe Acrobat PDF.

File/ID Number:  J-100
Date:  4/29/1969
Tape Contents: "In Honor of Duke Ellington" [see P-690425]
Program Time: 86:30

File/ID Number:  J-101
Date:  5/6/1969
Tape Contents: Zara Nelsova & Grant Johannesen [see P-690507]
Program Time: 31:44

File/ID Number:  J-102
Date:  5/15/1969
Tape Contents: Peter Nero Trio [see P-690517]
Program Time: 35:04

File/ID Number:  J-103
Date:  5/23/1969
Tape Contents: University of Minnesota Concert Band [see P-690527]
Program Time: 29:42

File/ID Number:  J-104
Date:  6/12/1969
Tape Contents: Whittemore & Lowe [see P-690615]
Program Time: 32:00

File/ID Number:  J-105
Date:  6/30/1969
Tape Contents: Henry Mancini [see P-690628]
Program Time: 28:17

File/ID Number:  J-106
Date:  8/7/1969
Tape Contents: Kyung-Wa Chung [see P-690815]
Program Time: 35:46

File/ID Number:  J-107
Date:  8/13/1969
Tape Contents: "one Small Step" [see P-690821]
Program Time: 02:30

File/ID Number:  J-108
Date:  8/21/1969
Tape Contents: The Romeros [see P-690823]
Program Time: 26:30

File/ID Number:  J-109
Date:  9/25/1969
Tape Contents: Leonard Bernstein & Isaac Stern [see P-690922]
Program Time: 34:16

File/ID Number:  J-110
Date:  10/21/1969
Tape Contents: Modern Jazz Quartet [see P-691021]
Program Time: 32:58

File/ID Number:  J-111
Date:  11/19/1969
Tape Contents: "Fancy Free" [see P-691111]
Program Time: 27:50

File/ID Number:  J-112
Date:  12/3/1969
Tape Contents: The Fifth Dimension [see P-691206, J-147]
Program Time: 24:18

File/ID Number:  J-113
Date:  12/14/1969
Tape Contents: The Bob Hope Christmas Show [see P-691220]
Program Time: 80:28

File/ID Number:  J-114
Date:  12/17/1969
Tape Contents: University of Maryland Madrigals [see P-691227]

File/ID Number:  J-115
Date:  1/17/1970
Tape Contents: Cole Porter Revue [see P-700107]
Program Time: 11:53

File/ID Number:  J-116
Date:  1/17/1970
Tape Contents: Roberta Peters [see P-700117]
Program Time: 35:52

File/ID Number:  J-117
Date:  1/29/1970
Tape Contents: Red Skelton [see P-700121]
Program Time: 50:44

File/ID Number:  J-118
Date:  2/19/1970
Tape Contents: Rudolf Serkin [see P-700217]
Program Time: 35:40

File/ID Number:  J-119
Date:  2/22/1970
Tape Contents: "1776"

File/ID Number:  J-120
Date:  2/24/1970
Tape Contents: Peggy Lee [see P-700221]
Program Time: 42:51

File/ID Number:  J-121
Date:  3/19/1970
Tape Contents: Nicol Williamson
Program Time: 65:02

File/ID Number:  J-122
Date:  4/4/1970
Tape Contents: Bobby Short & the Young Saints [see P-700402]
Program Time: 53:25

File/ID Number:  J-123
Date:  4/10/1970
Tape Contents: Pearl Bailey [see P-700410]
Program Time: 36:28

File/ID Number:  J-124
Date:  4/17/1970
Tape Contents: Johnny Cash [see P-700418]
Program Time: 55:40

File/ID Number:  J-125
Date:  5/26/1970
Tape Contents: Jerome Hines [see P-700511]
Program Time: 24:32

File/ID Number:  J-126
Date:  5/28/1970
Tape Contents: DC Youth Symphony [see D-8]
Program Time: 32:00

File/ID Number:  J-127
Date:  6/2/1970
Tape Contents: Vikki Carr [see P-700603]
Program Time: 33:00

File/ID Number:  J-128
Date:  7/17/1970
Tape Contents: The Guess Who [see P-700714, J-129]
Program Time: 35:16

File/ID Number:  J-129
Date:  7/17/1970
Tape Contents: Gary Puckett [see P-700714, J-128]
Program Time: 45:32

File/ID Number:  J-130
Date:  7/24/1970
Tape Contents: The Camerata Singers
Program Time: 23:50

File/ID Number:  J-131
Date:  7/29/1970
Tape Contents: The Harkness Ballet
Program Time: 58:30

File/ID Number:  J-132
Date:  8/4/1970
Tape Contents: Andre Watts [see P-700807]
Program Time: 24:10

File/ID Number:  J-133
Date:  9/22/1970
Tape Contents: The Johnny Mann Singers
Program Time: 26:43

File/ID Number:  J-134
Date:  10/6/1970
Tape Contents: National Federation of Music Clubs [see C-52]
Program Time: 33:00

File/ID Number:  J-135
Date:  10/24/1970
Tape Contents: James McCracken & Sandra Warfield [see P-701042]
Program Time: 38:53

File/ID Number:  J-136
Date:  10/26/1970
Tape Contents: Anna Moffo [see P-701045]
Program Time: 21:21

File/ID Number:  J-137
Date:  9/3/1970
Tape Contents: The Group from Guadalajara [see P-700902]
Program Time: 32:27

File/ID Number:  J-138
Date:  11/26/1970
Tape Contents: The Spurrlows [see P-701118]
Program Time: 37:39

File/ID Number:  J-139
Date:  12/17/1970
Tape Contents: Garrick Ohlsson [see P701216]
Program Time: 33:19

File/ID Number:  J-140
Date:  12/18/1970
Tape Contents: The David Frost Christmas Show [see P-701217, P-701218]
Program Time: 66:24

File/ID Number:  J-141
Date:  12/22/1970
Tape Contents: Sesame Street [see C-57]
Program Time: 24:42

File/ID Number:  J-142
Date:  1/26/1971
Tape Contents: Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 [see P-710112] [may not be duplicated without performer's permission]
Program Time: 30:48

File/ID Number:  J-143
Date:  2/1/1971
Tape Contents: Beverly Sills [see P-701203]
Program Time: 59:00

File/ID Number:  J-144
Date:  2/17/1971
Tape Contents: Entertainment at a military reception [see P-710218]
Program Time: 39:45

File/ID Number:  J-145
Date:  2/18/1971
Tape Contents: Anna Maria Alberghetti [see P-710225]
Program Time: 29:51

File/ID Number:  J-146
Date:  2/23/1971
Tape Contents: Bob Hope and Up With People [see P-710230]

File/ID Number:  J-147
Date:  12/3/1969
Tape Contents: The Al Hirt Combo [see P-691206, J-112]
Program Time: 21:50



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