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Treasures from the Vault; For Kids and Teachers

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If you were the leader of a country, would you give the President of the United States…

A panda like Mao Zedong of the People's Republic of China?

A doll like Yoshihiko Tsuchiya of Japan?

An ancient oil lamp like Golda Meir of Israel?


Each of the gifts on display in our Treasures from the Vault exhibit represents a unique place, culture, and time period.  For our student visitors, we have designed a special learning station where kids, and kids at heart, can explore gifts from African leaders to learn about the history, cultures, and geography of Africa.

To download our Exploring Africa Student Activity book click on the image below.


To download the three maps featured in the exhibit and in the Activity book click on the images below.


Treasures from the Vault
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “head of state” gift?

            A “head of state” is another name for a world leader.   Depending on the type of government, the “head of state” may be a King, Queen, President, or even a Prime Minister.   World leaders often give presents to our presidents and first ladies when they visit the White House or when the first family visits their official homes.

Why are “head of state” gifts important?

           Each gift in this special exhibit tells a different story. It mirrors a time, a place and a culture that you are probably not familiar with, but which you will find interesting.

Who do these gifts belong to?

            Head of state gifts belong to all of us.  Each time President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon received a gift from a foreign leader they were really accepting that gift for you.

Why are these gifts here in Yorba Linda?

            For over thirty years, the artifacts from the Nixon presidency resided largely out of public view in gift vaults in the Washington, D.C. area.  Now, after two years and eight semi-trucks, all 30,000 artifacts are here in Yorba Linda.  This show is just a small peek at the many amazing items we have in storage.

How valuable are these gifts?

            Most of them are priceless.  They are one-of-a-kind gifts, from a very unique period of American and world history. 


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