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Audiovisual Materials FAQs

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The information below is regarding Audiovisual Materials. You may also find useful information in the Nixon White House Tapes FAQ section.

Q:   Can I order copies of audiovisual materials from the Nixon Library?

A:   Follow the instructions provided on the Order Form Packets

Q:   Do you have the original letter from Elvis Presley to President Nixon and that picture of President Nixon shaking hands with Elvis Presley?

A:   Yes! The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum has the letter and the 28 black and white photographs of Elvis Presley meeting President Nixon taken by White House Chief Photographer Oliver F. Atkins (Elvis is pictured in all but one and shakes hands with Nixon in several).

When Nixon Met Elvis

  • The When Nixon Met Elvis Exhibit on the National Archives archives.gov website contains downloadable photos and original documentation, including the letter, from the meeting.

  • The meeting was captured by the White House Photo Office (WHPO) on film rolls 5364 and 5369.

  • High resolution scans of all 28 frames from both film rolls are available for download. A zip file is available here

  • Roll/negative number 5364-18 is the photo that is usually requested (see thumbnail at left). A 600ppi JPEG scan is available here.

The meeting is also depicted on the National Security Archive's web site.

Q:   Do you have any footage of the moon landing?

President Nixon with the Apollo 13 astronauts in Hawaii, after their recovery at sea.  The President had just awarded the three with the Space Medal of Freedom. We have actual footage of the Apollo Eleven Moon flight and landing and more.  [See Also:  Textual Materials FAQs].

Use your browser's search feature to look for the word moon in these Finding Aids:

Q:   Where can I find information on the events in the life and public career of President Nixon?

Q:   Where can I find the video of Nixon's 1969 Inuaguration?

Q:   Do you have a collection of Watergate-related photographs available?

  • Yes, a collection of low resolution images from the White House Photo Office is available as a zip file. Additional photograph collections related to Watergate (ARC identifier 518203) and the Watergate Complex (ARC identifier 304965) are available through the National Archives Archival Research Catalog (ARC) web site.

Q:   Do you have any photographs or footage of President Nixon signing Title IX ("The Education Act")?

  • While we do not have any photographs or motion picture footage depicting the signing, there are some limited, related resources available. The Presidential Daily Diary notes that in June 1972 President Nixon recorded a short segment on the passing of the Act for the media. A one-minute, sound-only segment is available (WHCA-SR P-720610) as well as recorded network news broadcasts on June 23, 1972 (WHCA-5511) that indirectly refer to the passing of the Act. However, the emphasis of the pre-recorded Presidential comments is on the President's opposition to busing; the Act's pertinence to women's rights is not mentioned.
  • Beyond the Nixon Library, NBC Universal Archives contains an item which claims to show President Nixon signing the Act. However, footage from this production depicting a signing ceremony is likely generic stock footage due to President Nixon's opposition to busing.

Q:   How can I locate images of President Nixon with his arms in the air or making victory signs?

  • Many images are available. For convenience we have compiled a contact sheet showing representative images of President Nixon. Please reference the catalog numbers listed below each frame when ordering reproductions or inquiring about them.

Q:   I am doing research on the Okinawa Reversion Agreement of 1971. Do any of the White House Tapes contain conversations pertaining to the Senkaku (Diaoyu/Diaoyutai) Islands?

Q:   May I reproduce content from your web site?

  • As a general statement, exclusive work products of the U.S. Federal Government are not copyrightable and therefore not restricted by copyright. However, not all content appearing on the web site is an exclusive U.S. Federal Government work product. Please contact AV Reference Staff who can provide information on the creator(s) of works when available. [See Also:  Copyright, Restrictions, and Permissions Notice]


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