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This audio gallery features assorted audio recordings from our audiovisual holdings.

Some are public gifts, i.e., donations to President Nixon from members of the general public. Other sound recordings were produced by government agencies during the Nixon administration.

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We will be adding more audio recordings as we continue to digitize our collections so check back often!

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Donated Songs

Three Songs Written on Inauguration Day, 1973  Written and performed by donor Steve Kasinger of Galiad, Texas.

"President Nixon's Birthday Song" (1972)  Performed and donated by first grade students at Concordia Elementary School in San Clemente, California.

"Watergate, Schmautergate" (1973)  Written and performed by donor Jim Lekas of New York City, New York.

"Mr. President" (1974)  Donor DeVaughn H. Ross of Chocowinity, North Carolina wrote and performed a song about patriotism and Watergate.

"You Can Count on Me" (1974)  A song of support for President Nixon during the Watergate investigation, donated by writer-performer Roy Hamilton of Laurelton, New York.

"Our Team" (1969)  A song for the Nixon-Agnew campaign. Music by Lila Fletcher, words by Charlotte Ferro and Joyce Peereboom of Luther Jackson Junior High School in Fairfax, Virginia. Donated by Perro and Peereboom.

"Bridge of Peace" (1972)  Original song dedicated to President Nixon by the students of the Creative Writing class at Howard High School in South Dakota. Lyrics by class senior Mary Irwin and music by class junior Jim Jamison. Donated by Speech and English teacher Georgia DeBoer.

Spoken Word - nonmusical recordings

"Americanism" In February 1973, eight-year-old Ben Tilley of Carterville, Georgia recorded his enthusiastic account of the life of Richard Nixon and sent it to the President as a public gift. 

Letter to Mrs. David (Julie) Eisenhower On November 5, 1973, Mr. S. Luther Essick recorded a message to President Nixon's daughter Julie in which he praised her constant support of the President.

Recitation of President Nixon's 1969 Inaugural Address as recited by seventh grade student Donald Morere of Brooklyn, New York.

President Nixon's remarks on the safe return of Apollo 13 On April 19, 1970, President Nixon addressed the attendees of a worship service at the Kawaiahaʻo Church in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Music to Visit the Moon By


In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, we are making four public gift audio recordings available.

In addition, audio recordings of the conversation between President Nixon and Apollo 11 astronauts on the Moon as well as President Nixon welcoming the astronauts back to Earth aboard the USS Hornet.

"Apollo Changed the Whole World Over-Nite (sic)" Words and music by donors Milton Winters and daughter Sherry Marie

"Take Us to Your President" Donated by Helen Bielecki

"They Walked on the Moon" Words and music by donor Frances Ewy

"President Richard Milhous Nixon Astronot's (sic) Tune" Donated by Francis Calvin Osgood


Moon Landing Telephone Call, July 20, 1969

President Nixon Welcoming the Apollo 11 Astronauts back to Earth aboard the USS Hornet, July 24, 1969

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