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August 21, 2013 Opening

On August 21, 2013, the Nixon Library opened the final installment of 94 White House Tapes, as well as formerly restricted and unprocessed textual materials.

White House Tapes

The final installment of 94 tapes cover the period from April 9 – July 12, 1973, and cover discussions of foreign policy issues including: implementation of the Vietnam peace settlement and the return of Prisoners of War (POWs); tensions over Most Favored Nation tariff status for the Soviet Union; and the historic 1972 “Soviet Summit” between the United States and the U.S.S.R. Domestic conversations include Presidential appointments and personnel management, energy policy, wage and price controls, campaign finance reform, Wounded Knee, and Watergate.

Listen to the newly released tapes

Listen to sample foreign policy clips on the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum's YouTube Channel

Textual Records

This opening includes the release of approximately 30,000 pages declassified, in whole or in part, under systematic review. They cover national security issues including: U.S. intelligence analysis of Vietnam; Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker’s negotiations with South Vietnam President Thieu; Henry Kissinger’s meetings with Chinese leaders in advance of President Nixon’s February 1972 trip; and U.S. policy toward Latin America. They also contain some National Security Council files, Kissinger’s office files and transcripts of his telephone conversations, and the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board records.

Office files of Special Assistant for Urban Affairs John Price and Staff Assistant Barbara Franklin comprise the bulk of the newly released textual records. Franklin was hired to recruit qualified women for high-level government positions, and her files outline her efforts. Price’s records include correspondence with Ken Cole and John Ehrlichman on domestic policy and document his work with Daniel Patrick Moynihan on welfare reform and the development of the Family Assistance Plan.

The textual materials also includes the opening of 57 additional Alphabetical Name Files.

See a representative sample of these newly released documents

Guide to Holdings

The Library completed a comprehensive guide to its processed and unprocessed holdings.

View the Guide to Holdings

Oral Histories

The Library has posted online transcripts to 75 previously available oral histories.

See a list of all oral histories, with links to transcripts









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