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Thomas the tank is a British TV show first produced in 1984. It is based on a series of books called The Railway Series first published in 1945. There are 42 books, 26 of which were written by Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry with the balance written by his son Christopher Awdry. Besides the TV show and books there have been multiple movies made which are available on DVD.s making it by far the most popular children's railroad series of all time. The story of Thomas and his friends which takes place on the tiny fictional island of Sodor, has spawned an incredible variety  of toys and play sets. Along with multiple wooden and plastic reproductions of Thomas and his Friends, running electric trains have been produced in three popular toy train gauges HO, O and G Gauge. This layout represents a small portion of the Island of Sodor in G Scale

Written by Bob Lemberger.



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