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Staff Listing

Administrative Staff    
Michael Ellzey Director 714-983-9121
Ida Kelley Deputy Director 714-983-9119
Cliff Wallace Education Specialist 714-983-9138
April Delira Executive Secretary 714-983-9296
Magan Breaux Office Assistant 714-983-9133
Craig Ellefson Education Technician 714-983-9280
Greg Cumming Resource Archivist &
Staff Historian
Tim Bruton Facility Manager 714-983-9124
Yikwon Kim Exhibits Specialist 714-983-9130
Yoli González Administrative Officer 714-983-9123
Museum Staff    
Supervisory Museum
Christine Mickey Collections Manager 714-983-9126
Erik Christman Exhibits Specialist 714-983-9127
Feliz Padilla Museum Technician 714-983-9128
Penelope Yocum Museum Technician 714-983-9128
Archival Staff    
Jason Schultz Supervisory Archivist 714-983-9292
Carla Braswell Archivist 714-983-9114
Dorissa Martinez Archivist 714-983-9283
Jason White Archives Technician 714-983-9295
Meghan Lee-Parker Archivist 714-983-9132
Melissa Heddon Archivist 714-983-9294
Nicholas Herold Archives Technician 714-983-9297
Pamla Eisenberg AV Technician 714-983-9279
Rachel Johnston Archivist 714-983-9310
Ryan Pettigrew AV Archivist 714-983-9282
Tapes Team    
Cary McStay Supervisory Archivist 301-837-0916
Dan Rodriguez Archivist 301-837-3756
Deborah Gayle Archives Technician 301-837-3279
Jerome Bozeman Archives Specialist 301-837-1531
Julie Day Archivist 301-837-1688
Steven Greene Archivist 301-837-1772
William J. Cowell AV Preservation Specialist 301-837-1627


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