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Obtaining Nixon White House Tapes

Obtaining Audiovisual Materials

Obtaining Textual Materials

All publicly released materials are available for reproduction.

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The archives staff in Yorba Linda, California, is available to provide reproductions of specified materials at the reproduction fee set by the National Archives and Records Administration (currently $0.80 per page, minimum of $20.00).

Advance payment is required for large orders (approximated page count of over 100 pages). Researchers may pay by check or credit card. All photocopy orders will be sent by regular mail. Alternate shipping arrangements (FedEx, UPS) can be made at the researcherís expense.

The Nixon Library archive staff cannot undertake extensive searches or make subjective judgments of the materials. The entire content of a folder will be copied.

  1. Use the Textual Materials Collections to identify which documents you want to order.

  2. Contact the Nixon Library to order copies.
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