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Nils A. Boe

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The Presidential historical materials of Nils A. Boe are in the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration under the provisions of Title I of the Presidential Recordings and Materials Act of 1974 (44 U.S.C. 2111 note) and implementing regulations. In accordance with the act and regulations, archivists reviewed this file group to identify personal and private materials (including materials outside the date span covered by the act) as well as nonhistorical items. These materials have been returned to the individual who has primary proprietary interest.

Materials covered by the act have been archivally processed and are described in this register. Items that are security classified or otherwise restricted under the act and regulations have been removed and placed in a closed file. A Document Withdrawal Record (NA Form 14021) marks the original position of the withdrawn items. Employees of the National Archives will review periodically the unclassified portions of closed materials for the purpose of opening those which no longer require restriction. Certain classified documents may be reviewed for declassification under authority of Executive Order 13526 in response to a Mandatory Review Request (NA Form 14020) submitted by the researcher.

  • Linear feet of materials:  15
  • Approximate number of pages:  30,000

Biographical Note

Nils Andreas Boe

September 10, 1913 Born, Baltic, South Dakota

1935 B.A., University of Wisconsin

1937 L.L.B., University of Wisconsin Law School

1938-1942 Legal practice in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

1946-1965 Member, law firm of Stordahl, May, Boe, and Johnson

1951-1959 Member, South Dakota House of Representatives from Minnehaha County

1955-1959 Speaker of the House, South Dakota House of Representatives

1963-1965 Lieutenant Governor, State of South Dakota

1965-1969 Governor, State of South Dakota

1969-1971 Director, Office of Intergovernmental Relations, Office of the Vice-President

1971-1977 Chief Judge, U.S. Customs Court

Scope and Content Note

The Nils A. Boe file group documents the activities of the Office of Intergovernmental Relations from 1969 through late 1971. During much of this period, its Deputy Director was Wendell E. Hulcher, former mayor of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Assistant Director was Robert P. Janes, former Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for Hennepin County, Minnesota. Janes was later succeeded by J. Marsh Thomson.

The Office of Intergovernmental Relations was created as part of the Office of the Vice President by Executive Order 11455 of February 14, 1969. The purpose of the office was to strengthen Federal, State, and local relations.

The OIR served as a clearinghouse for the prompt handling and solution of Federal-State-local problems brought to the attention of the President or the Vice-President by executive and legislative officers of State and local governments.

The Office identified and reported to the Vice-President on recurring intergovernmental problems of a Federal interdepartmental and interprogram nature as well as on the ways and means of strengthening the headquarters and interagency relationships of Federal field offices as they related to intergovernmental activities.

The Nils A. Boe file is subdivided into the Correspondence [Intergovernmental] Series, the Agency Series, the Alpha Subject Series, the Meetings and Conferences Series, and the Public Interest Group Series. As one might suspect, there is only a limited amount of correspondence with the White House. The chief correspondents are the chief executives of the states, cities, and counties, as well as the executive directors of their several public interest groups (the National Governors' Association, the National League of Cities, etc.). Other Federal agencies are represented as they were contacted to more fully answer questions asked of the OIR.

Series Description

Boxes:   1-15
Series:   Correspondence [Intergovernmental] | Folder Title List
Description:   Composed of original and xeroxed incoming correspondence and carbons of replies. The correspondents are officials of various units of government (e.g. governors, mayors, county executives, etc.), as well as members of Congress and the general public. As the OIR was the Federal "contact" for these officials the subjects of the correspondence vary widely depending on the individual needs and concerns of the correspondent. The correspondence is sorted chronologically by year and alphabetically within the year. The gubernatorial correspondence is sorted alphabetically by state. The Vice-Presidential and White House correspondence is sorted chronologically.

Boxes:   16-32
Series:   Agency | Folder Title List
Description:   This series consists largely of correspondence from the OIR's "clients" which was referred to another agency for reply. The Office retained a xerox of the original correspondence and often received a carbon of the reply. Also contained in this series is correspondence relating to some specific subjects clearly under the jurisdiction of other Federal agencies (e.g. Revenue Sharing-Treasury, etc.). The correspondence is sorted alphabetically by receiving agency.

Boxes:   33-39
Series:   Alpha Subject | Folder Title List
Description:   This series contains alphabetically arranged correspondence on subjects which do not directly come under the aegis of another specific agency, such as invitations to speak, employment requests, and subjects not requiring referral to another agency.

Boxes:   40-44
Series:   Meetings and Conferences | Folder Title List
Description:   This series consists of chronologically arranged correspondence relating to every phase of various meetings and conferences at which a member of the OIR was in attendance. For the larger conferences, such as the National League of Cities and the National Governors' Conferences, the file generally contains a copy of the program, copies of resolutions passed, and reports of various committees.

Boxes:   44-47
Series:   Public Interest Groups | Folder Title List
Description:   While this series contains some of the same headings as the meetings and conferences series (Republican Governors' Conference, U.S. Conference of Mayors, etc.), it contains mostly correspondence, arranged alphabetically, with the public interest group's Executive Secretary as well as their newsletters and other mailings.

Folder Title List

Available as a searchable Adobe Acrobat PDFpdf file.



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